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Jun 25, 2007 12:01 PM

Two weeks in Boca help.

We will be staying in Boca for two weeks mid aug.w/ a 15 mos old, we are ethic eaters ,anything asian,ital.,indian,latin etc We don't need fancy good and reasonable.

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  1. Lilly's on Palmetto Park has great pastas. Flannigan Guppy's on Dixie just south of Palmetto Park has great ribs and burgers.

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    1. Atlantic Avenue in Delray is great with a large variety of different restaurants. The Green Owl is great for breakfast & lunch, kind of dinerstyle. Cabana del Rey is good Cuban food.
      We also love Punjab for Indian food on Federal Hwy in Boca Raton. Never very busy, but the food is awesome!

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        can't agree about the Punjab - if you are used to Indian food it is not good. Sorry Mariek!
        do agree with Atlantic, there are so many restaurants there at all prices. Kilwins Ice Cream ought to be popular with the 15 month old (and parents!).

        Also, Mizner Park has a number of restaurants as does Town Center Mall. Glades Rd has many of the chains like Cheesecake Factory, good pizza at Brewzzis (not sure about the spelling).

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          Renzo's Pizzeria on Federal. Very child friendly (all his restaurants are children friendly) and the food is excellent.

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            It's ok, we don't have to agree. Just don't think it has anything to do with being used to Indian food. Know several people (including Indian people) who do like it. Different people different tastes...

        2. For pizza, Boca has two coal fired oven places. Red Rocks, that served excellent pizza but only offered wings and salad on the rest of the menu and The Coal Mine that had a much larger menu offering pasta and mains and has a nice outdoor seating area. Sadly, I thought the pizza was lousy, plenty of other think it is very good.. Huge coal oven, but the product was not very good. For Cuban food, try Cuban Cafe. Good food in a nice setting, not a cafeteria kind of joint. Also try the lunch buffet at Padrino's. Food is solid and it is $8.99 on Monday thru Friday. If you are not from an area that has good Q, drive down to Tom Jenkins for some excellent spare ribs and sides, I think they are closed on Monday. I would also suggest dinner at Taverna Kyma, a big, loud and sprawling place that serves all the usuall greek dishes and particularly good grilled foods.