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Jun 25, 2007 11:41 AM

Favorite Foodie Stores

Other than WHole Foods and Balduccis---what little places do you like to shop?

DH and I likethe Russian Gormet in McLean and there is a German store off Lee Hwy that I like to got o sometimes. We are trying to create a list of places to hit when he takes vacation in August. We don't go anywhere--we stay home, cook, and turn into gluttons.

SO far we are going to hit Penzey's and the new Russian gormet in Alexandria.

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  1. While its so expensive I really like going to Dean and Deluca. Especially for spices.

    And in terms of non-food, cooking items...I wish I could have a shopping spree in Sur La Table! Love that place!!!!

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    1. re: Elyssa

      I forgot mention I used to work at D&D! Love Sur La Table.

      1. re: nissenpa

        I love the idea of SLT, but I rarely buy anything there for some reason. W-S gets a lot more business from me.

        1. re: Chocolatechipkt

          SLT is having their semi-annual sale going on right now. This is a great time to go shop there! I was just there last wkd, need more self control while I totally drop by the front door....

    2. The Russian Gorumet in Alexandria is the same as the one in McLean. Do you patronize the Farmers Markets? They run throughout the week in various locations around DC.
      I'd also put the Lebanese Butcher in Fall Church on the list as well as the merchants at Eastern Market (check for updates on what merchant is where and when.)

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      1. re: monavano

        Thanks for reminding me about the markets. We usually stock up on pepper bacon from eastern market. I will add other local markets to the list. Is the Penn Quarter Market worth going to?

        Have not been to Lebanese Butcher---any recommendations?

        1. re: nissenpa

          I would recommend Penn Quarter based on the vendors there. Especially Cibola, Quail Creek Farm, Sunnyside and Tiogo. I buy from all the above at other markets.

          Del Ray is small and good for locals, but I wouldn't drive far for it. I'd find something closer as there are many, many to pick from.
          Courthouse on Sat's: very good
          Dupont on Sundays: I consider extremely good and the largest of the Fresh Farm markets , I *think*.

          I also shop at Kingstowne, part of Fairfax County Farmers Markets.

      2. Two favorites which I don't get to nearly as much as I used to (or should):

        Litteri's in DC. (best Italian market in DC area hands down


        Arrowine in Arlington. (for their cheeses...also wine and beer)

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          1. re: monavano

            I just discovered Uncle Bruthas in Eastern Market. Not a food store, but amazing spices and sauces. If you bbq, you need this store!

          2. re: Lowbar

            Arrowine is where I get my aged gouda. It's so good that we take it to our friends in SanDiego several times a year.

            Havenot been to Litteri's---adding it to the list.

          3. Great list so far - there are tons of asian and latin markets to add. Too numerous to mention. A large latin market is in Herndon. Large asian markets include Lotte in Fairfax and Super H south of Tyson's (Merrifield?). A small but good one is Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike. A small but good latin market is El Chapparal in Arlington across from Whole Foods.

            Second Lebanese Butcher. In Herndon, Medina Market fills some of those same needs. In the same place (K-Mart center) there's an Indo-Pak spices store.

            1. I like the ethnic markets here in NoVa, although it often means buying canned food (there's not much alternative to that). MY favorites:
              1. Italian Store (I prefer the cheaper Litteri's, but by the time you factor in the gasoline and aggravation of traveling on New York Ave., the Italian Store may be cheaper.)
              2. Either of the Vietnamese supermarkets in the Eden Shopping Center.
              3. Duangrat's Thai grocery (near the restaurant of the same name)
              4. H Mart (you can get lost in there, though)
              5. (Is it still closed for remodelling?) Euro-Latino market at Washington Blvd. and Pershing.
              6. Second the motion on Arrowine.

              7. And a moment of silence for Mel of Pica Deli (a butcher in the grand tradition of his profession) and Jean Jacques of Arlington City Market. (Even the places they worked for are gone now.) Both knew good food, loved to talk about it, and were generous with good advice. Rest in peace.

              PS Is the Falls Church Penzey's open yet? I use the one in Pittsburgh, since I'm up there a lot.

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              1. re: Gonzocook

                I don't know. I usually hit the one in Grand Rapids MI when I visit my mom.

                1. re: Gonzocook

                  Pica in Arlington is gone? I think the Reston location is still open.