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Jun 25, 2007 11:37 AM


Any suggestions for good non-chain restaurants in or near Wrentham area

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  1. Tough area - do board searches for Franklin MA ....a few more choices there.

    1. Incontro and 3 are both up 495 in Franklin. I haven't been to 3 yet. My experiences at Incontro have been mixed. Vintage in Woonsocket is not too far depending on where in Wrentham you are coming from. Tom's Tavern in Wrentham has good seafood.

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      1. re: Bluebird

        Hey Bluebird,
        If you go to "3" please give us a report. I hate to sound suspicious, but I am. The first OP I saw on it had three or four "Hounds" gushing about how great it was and that they'd be returning often. I hope my suspicions are unfounded. But, big but, they also had no other posting histories as in; zero, zip, nada, nien, as in none!


        1. re: Harp00n

          I had the same thoughts you did. I will definately report back when I go. It is only a matter of time before I stop by. I did talk to a person, whose opinion I trust, who stopped in for drinks and said the atmosphere was really nice, but he didn't have any food.

          1. re: Harp00n

            We made a visit to "3" during their first week of operation, but just for lunch. The decor is very nice - contemporary, and quite a change from the previous Pipinelle's. The bar looked well stocked and very inviting. Lunch, however, was disappointing, but I'm giving them a pass since they had just opened. My chicken caeser salad was very limp, almost as though it had been made up long in advance. For the size of it (not much larger than a side salad), I thought the $12 price was high. My lunch partner had the Reuben sandwich (comes with fries) and thought it was good - but at $15, it should be! We'd definitely give it another try, but for lunch again before investing in a dinner there.

            A couple of "old stand-by" suggestions for the Wrentham area might include the Lafayette House on Route 1 in Foxboro, as well as Luciano's on Route 1 in Plainville. For very casual pub-like food and great steamers, we like The Chieftain, also on Route 1, Plainville. I'll second the recommendation for Tom's Tavern for seafood.

            1. re: Tunia

              Thanks for all the feedback, Tunia. It's very appreciated. :-))

              1. re: Tunia

                If you go to the Lafayette House, we much prefer the food in the tavern over that of the main restaurant, which is pretty uninspired.

                Agree with the Tom's Tavern recommendation, and also the Chieftain, which is especially good for steamers.

              2. re: Harp00n

                Harp00n, I stopped in last night and posted on the 3 thread.

                1. re: Bluebird

                  Thanks Lisa,
                  That's very thoughtful of you. I won't reply on that thread, I'd rather see some fresh responses to your excellent post. It does sound a bit like the typical Sudbury branch experience, though. I haven't been to Norwood but I'd be surprised if it's any different. For better or worse, it would appear that there's definitely an executive chief overseeing all three branches. I will drop into the Franklin location soon.
                  Btw, I wish I'd joined you and the other Hounds at Vintage. It sounds like you all had a great time. JaneRI clued me into it awhile back when it had just opened and
                  I love the place. I just hope they can hold on.