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Jun 25, 2007 11:33 AM

Portofino Restaurant (Etobicoke)

Hi everyone

Im wondering if anyone remembers or knows Portofino restaurant (at the East Mall and Rathburn, in the Price Choppers plaza in Etobicoke). My dads 50th is approaching and we used to frequent this place a LOT, until it closed suddenly last year (I think it was last year). If anyone knows if the owners or chefs moved to another location, or somewhere I could reach them that would be great, I wanted to speak to them about a potential for catering.

Alternitavely, if anyone knows of an amazing Italian place with outstanding seafood linguine marinara, I would love to hear your opinions as well, thanks!!

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  1. edit - nevermind

    i can see you know it's already closed

    1. Not surprised that Portofino has closed, never looked very appealing from the outside anyway with curtains closed everywhere, looked as though it WAS closed. Food was OK after you got beyond that first appearance.

      Have frequented another Italian restaurant (forget the name) on Dundas J/E of Islington N. side in that small plaza. Food is as good or better that Porto's was. They run that pizza shop also that advertises the lasagna take out for twenty bucks.