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Jun 25, 2007 11:20 AM

Pizza Port in San Clemente on 6/23

We were staying in San Clemente, so we walked to Pizza Port for pizza and beer. I had seen the recommendations for the Solana Beach location on this site but figured the convenience of the SC location outweighed the better reviews of the SB location.
After a few samples, we settled on a pitcher of the Carlsbad Chronic Amber Ale. It was a good choice. Medium dark, lots of flavour with a very clean, unsticky finish. It was drinkable like a lager but had the flavour of a darker beer.
The pizza was good. I liked the toppings--sausage and pepperoni--and the crust that runs around the circumference of the pizza. it had cheese and some pork grease that had run over the edge to create a really enjoyable crispy experience.
The cheese on the rest of the pizza was the low point. it was thick and chewy. The bottom crust of their pizza is about a finger thick and in the process of cooking that through, I think the cheese on top gets overcooked. Or maybe it's just cheap cheese. It was hot but didn't have that fresh melty consistency.
I love pizza and beer. Sitting at an outside table looking west, taking in the passersby, and delicious beer made up for any shortcomings in the pizza. I'd go back if I'm down there again.

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  1. Pizza Port rules! I haven't been to the San Clemente location yet, we were thinking of taking a little weekend vacation this summer.

    That is weird about the cheese, I eat at the Solana Beach location last week and they were still using the same cheese and it was cooked just fine.

    1. I love Pizza Port, especially the beer festivals they host every year. Particularly the Belgian Beer festival in Carlsbad (only 9 months to go!).

      The food is good, and the beer is good, but the price is high. It´s good pizza, but it is expensive pizza.

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        I didn't think the pizza was expensive. A medium pizza, 14", 8 slices, with pepperoni and sausage on one half and tomatoes on the other was $12 something plus tax. It was plenty of food for a guy and a girl.