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Jun 25, 2007 11:19 AM

St Louis near arch

I'm staying for several nights at the Hilton Ballpark. Any recommendations for good breakfasts and dinners?

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  1. There's a St. Louis Bread Company in the downtown area that is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have a car with you, drive to Soulard (not far, five minutes or so) and visit McGurk's Irish Pub for dinner. There are a number of restaurants in the Soulard area that are excellent. You may also wish to check out the Sauce Magazine to pinpoint restaurants according to type and locations.

    There are a number of restaurants in the downtown area but much will depend on how comfortable you are with urban life. Washington Ave has a good selection but you will want to drive or be driven there, it's a distance if you are on foot and I don't recommend walking that far after dark. You won't be too far from Laclede's Landing but again, consider driving or taking a cab. St. Louis is a big city and while we love tourist dollars, you need to practice basic safety. I've lived here forever and I do.

    If you do have your car with you, check out restaurants on South Grand, Clayton and the Central West End as well.

    1. downtown there is now a can't miss breakfast destination, and that destination is Rooster!


      Some of the best pork products I've ever had, all from hormone free Missouri farmers.

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        Rooster looks righteous. I will make sure I give them a try tomorrow morning.

        1. re: kaszeta

          Being downtown, the closest areas are washington avenue, the landing, and a few stuck here and there. A couple places downtown (Tony's, etc) are really nice places. I don't know what you wanna spend.

          1. re: evilcatfish

            I'm not afraid of the spendy places, although I usually like cheap and quirky a bit more.

          2. re: kaszeta

            For lunch you've gotta try Crown Candy company. its just north of downtown but pretty freakin' good. the neighborhod is a bit shady but this place is packed for lunch

            1. re: kaszeta

              And, indeed, I had quite the righteous crepe breakfast at Rooster this morning. Thanks for the recommendation, Bobzemuda.

          3. I second the Crown Candy rec. You must go there. A piece of history, juke box's on the table. Homemade ice cream and candy and awesome shakes. It's like you are in the 1920's or something. Also a sandwich place that I just tried after hearing alot about it that is FANTASTIC is Blue's City Deli. Located on McNair directly behind Hodaks. A must try. I hear the Muffaletta is excellent. I got the Benton Park and it blew anything Ammighettti's ever served away, and yes even from the old days...



            1. A little bit of a walk south along 7th Street, you will come to the utlimate greasy spoon: Eat Rite (Eat Rite or Don't Eat At All). They are a historic Route 66 landmark, open 24-7. Cheap and quirky.

              1. For the record, I made it to these places, all of which I enjoyed:

                1. Rooster
                2. Bailey's Chocolate Bar
                3. Smoki O's (mmm, Snoots!)
                4. Roper's Ribs
                5. Crown Candy
                6. Maya Cafe