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Want to pig out on seafood... suggestions?

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I'll be visiting Vancouver in July and would like some suggestions on restaurants for great fresh seafood: oysters, shrimp, crab etc. I'm looking for FRESH seafood, not overpriced, not a tourist trap and doesn't have to be a fancy restaurant. Are there places that locals go to which you can recommend?

Thanks. =)

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  1. the name has completely escaped me, maybe someone can help? - but it's the fish and chip place just off granville island at fisherman's warf - yummy!! and they have more than just fish and chips although they are really good at that - i've heard excellent things about their po'boy sandwhich as well but i haven't tried that myself.

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      its called go fish

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        that's the one!!

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          GO FISH! YUM!
          sooooooo go there.

          So.Cial Club in Gastown for fresh oysters for oyster happy (3) hour weekdays from 3-7. $1.25 an oyster.