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Jun 25, 2007 11:06 AM

Suggestions in Hell's Kitchen

I'm going to dinner with a friends, and I'd like to explore around 9th Ave from the 40's to 50's, where it seems to have a large variety of restaurants. One problem is that one of the friends is very much an unchowish person. He just likes very simple dishes like meat and potatoes. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive - probably $25 an entree is the most, and he'd never order an appetizer. Having drinks is important.

Is there a place that is good, preferably has outdoor seating in this location that will not scare away this person?

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  1. I would recommend Chelsea Grill... it is delicious, but basic, and is open-air. It's in the 40s somewhere on 9th--- dont know the exact cross street off the top of my head

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      i would recommend costa del sol for excellent spanish food,and uncle nicks for excellent greek food. both are on 9th avenue around 50-51 streets..i dont think either place has outdoor seating but you can always do take-out and go to worldwide plaza park which is only a block away between 49-50th streets between 8th-9th avenues and eat at one of the many tables adjacent to the fountain.

    2. There's quite a bit of choice in this area in this price range. I personally don't recommend Uncle Nick's, just really don't think the quality is there and am not sure why so many people on here like it.
      Chelsea Grill is on 9th between 46th and 47th, but on that block I'd opt for Hells Kitchen, great modern mexican, and for your friend the steak there is a winner if he doesn't mind a bit of spice. Also great cocktails and tequila selection.
      For something simpler you could try Nook, a byob on 9th between 50th and 51st. It's tiny, but the food is well-prepared and bringing your own wine really keeps the cost down (it's really inexpensive as it is).
      A neighborhood favorite (though I don't find it terribly exciting) is Eatery on 53d and 9th, dressed up comfort food and drinks galore.

      1. Yes, Eatery is a good suggestion, just because it has outdoor seating (although it isn't fantastic). Marseille also has outdoor seating, and while it isn't my favorite place in the neighborhood, it is miles better than Chelsea Grill.

        You might also want to check out 44 1/2's back garden (10th Avenue and 44th)--the food again is just OK, but the setting is lovely.



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          We like Marseille (44th & 9th, NE corner). Sit outside, have your friend order the hanger steak & frites.

        2. My vote would be for Nook or El Centro. They both have open windows, so it's sort of an outdoor setting. Also, puccini is BYOB and has one outside table, but i have yet to try it.

          1. Hallo Berlin.

            Good solid German wursts and the like and some good beers