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Jun 25, 2007 11:02 AM

Solo woman diner in Copley Square/South End

I'm going to be a solo woman diner in the Copley Square-South end area. I would love to get some recomendations for places I could eat at the bar without feeling too out of place, thanks

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  1. I often dine solo at Douzo for sushi. I either sit at the bar or the sushi bar. Another spot is the bar at B&G Oysters for a great oyster selection and a yummy lobster roll.

      1. I have recommended this before, but Coda on Columbus Ave is a nice intimate place with a great bar. I have eaten there alone a few times. I also Like Domani which is on Exeter and Huntington. Big bar, easy to fade into the wood work, and the food is excellent , but much more expensive, The other place I like when Dining alone is the Globe Cafe on Boylston. Reasonably priced, decent food, nice Bar area, or if you want some pub grub try Flash's on Columbus. Bar is in center and it is easy to sit on your own there.

        If you do decide to go to Coda, see if the bartender Blair is there, he is great to talk to at the bar.

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          Went to Coda tonight. Second time in a week that they ran out of the bread that goes with the mussels. Tried the mac and cheese, loose, very average, served with rubbery portabello mushrooms. I'll keep trying this good-looking neighborhood space.

        2. Let this board know your food preferences and you will no doubt get excellent recommendations. Finding a place at the 'bar' has lead me to some great chow.

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          1. re: chowfamily

            Thanks for all the suggestions. My food preferences are quite broad—seafood, ethnic options, interesting American, comfort. I would love to pair dinner with great wine and dessert options too.

            1. re: thirstytraveller

              My current favorites include Neptune Oysters. It is very comfortable, but best in the off-hours because it is so popular. It would involve a subway ride, but worth a detour for the quality of the seafood. Dessert, coffee and drinks are all available in a comfortable stroll about the North End.

              While you are here you should check out Chinatown as well. Again, there is great advice on this board.

          2. I just had dinner at the bar (I was a solo female business traveller) at Bouchee--159 Newbury St.
            The food was good and the place nice--I was not at all uncomfortable

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            1. re: lparis

              I was in Boston last week and also ended up at Bouchee. Bartender was friendly and attentive, and food was good with some decent wine options. Feedback on the board is mixed, but I really liked this spot.

              I've also been Eastern Standard, and would be comfortable returning by myself (I had in fact intended to last week, but ran short of time).

              1. re: Rabbit

                Several of us single women have been totally ignored at the bar at Bouchee, including moi. Plus IMO the food is horrible. If French Bistro is your type of thing, I recommend the bar at Brasserie Jo instead. Attentive bartender, much better food.

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  I've always been ignored at the Brasserie Jo bar. Stopped going there cause the bar stools don't have backs. The service in the dining room is top notch though.

                2. re: Rabbit

                  I'm not a woman, and I'm not sure why it matters, but Eastern Standard offers some of the best bar dining I've had. Strangely the food seemed to go downhill the one (recent) time I ate with others at a table.

                  1. re: aventinus

                    It shouldn't matter. That's the problem.