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Jun 25, 2007 11:00 AM

The best Thai in Downtown Portland?

Help, I'm sick of Thaifoon, it's not spicy enough!

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  1. I like eSan on 2nd (I believe) right near Kells. For lunch, I have a hard time eating anything other than the Evil Prince (red curry). Get the Evil Prince and ask for it extra spicy, and you'll be satisfiued.

    There's also a nice little place somewhere around SW 7th or 8th, just off Burnside. Shouldn't be hard to find. It's in the SE corner of the building.

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    1. re: MichaelG

      Do you mean Thai Peacock (219 SW 9th)? I remember it being down one block and on the other side of Burnside from Powell's.

      1. re: Nettie

        Yeah, that's it. Nice place, good food.

    2. Best I have had in Portland was Khun Pic's Bahn Thai 3429 SE Belmont St. Prepare to wait though. It is run by a husband and wife. The husband works the front room and the wife is the chef. Slow service but worth it.

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        I don't like any of the Thai restaurants downtown much at all. Personally, I think Typhoon is the best of a mediocre bunch. I haven't tried the carts yet, though. Might be worth the effort.

        Otherwise, closest good Thai is Pok Pok. Open lunch and dinner.


      2. Well, it's not downtown, and it's not quite Pok Pok, but Chaba Thai gets my vote for some of the best Thai in PDX--not fancy,not "gourmet," not expensive, just plain good.

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          I agree, but Cha Ba is on the opposite side of town, more than twice as far as Pok Pok from downtown. Great specials menu.


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            Good Thai places in downtown Portland :

            - Thai Peacock off Burnside, next to a record shop
            - Aroy around SW 4th & Washington across Ross Dress for Less & Greek Cucina, they can make it very spicy for you by request :)

        2. Thank You for all your suggestions, I actually didn't have a car and stayed at the Marriott next door to Thyphoon so I went there out of laziness. The new summer menu they have is pretty good, the Salad sampler appetizer with Nam Sad, Papaya salad, and the beef salad we all very bright and flavorful. I always stay away from Pad Thai because it usually sucks everywhere I go but they have a Crab Pad Thai for there summer menu that was very good. Anyways I will use your suggestions in 3 weeks when I am up there.