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Jun 25, 2007 11:00 AM

Pizza and Pitchers of Beer

Living in Santa Monica, we usually go to Wildflour when we want a fresh pie and a pitcher of beer in a pizzeria type environment.
I know there's better pizza in the area, but for me, taking it home and having bottled beer or even a pint when our kegerator is behaving isn't the same, and Wildflour's pizza is definitely enjoyable.

What pizza and beer places have you enjoyed in the L.A. or Westside area?

I'd like to venture beyond Wildflour but can't think of any other places that offer good pizza and draft beer.

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  1. Though I wouldn't recommend it for watching a game or anything, Pitfire Pizza in downtown LA does me right. They've got Red Hook and a couple of other beers on tap, a few more bottled and some pretty darn good pizza.

    When I lived in La Mirada, we used to go to the Lamppost Pizza on La Mirada Blvd, but it's since changed hands and become some other pizza place. Haven't been there yet, but we used to hit Lamppost because we always had coupons.

    1. A Pitfire is opening soon (or may be open already) on Westwood Blvd. at La Grange (across from California Chicken Cafe). Good pasta, too.

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        I was in that area on Saturday and didn't see a new pitfire. Then again I wasn't looking for it.

      2. Red Ball in Canoga Park

        Not good food, but good beer at BJ's.

        Two Guys From Italy

        Pizza Port.

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          How is the pizza at Red Ball? I drive by there all the time, but have never stopped in.

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            I second good beer @ BJ's. I love Pirahnas or Jeremiahs with maybe a small personal pizza in lieu of a heavy dinner.

            1. re: MeAndroo

              Yeah, the food isn't spectacular, but the beer almost makes it worth it.

          2. There is an older place in Lakewood called Me-N-Ed's really good, not to filling crust. Best pizza is prob the pepperoni and jalapeno! Decent selection of Beers, they have Michelob Amber Bock on tap goes great with a lot of different pizzas!

            1. It's funny ... or not so funny ... but we used to hit Shakey's for the beer and pitcher thing.

              Now, both the Shakey's on Santa Monica and the Shakey's on Washington are both closed down.

              Shakey's never had great pizza, but they did have draft beer.

              And -- oddly enough -- I could stomach their chicken and potatoes. Keg beer must make food taste better.

              A lot of the recs in this thread are not for places in Santa Monica or on the Westside.

              Earth, Wind and Flour might have draft beer, though I wouldn't recommend the food. IT's up on Wilshire.

              Man, you've asked a great question: Is there a good pizza joint with draft beer in the city of Santa Monica?

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              1. re: PaulF

                "Is there a good pizza joint with draft beer in the city of Santa Monica?"

                A better question is ARE there any good pizza and draft beer joints in LOS ANGELES? I would drive a good deal to get a good pie and pitcher. In the OLD days there was Straw Hat, Shakey's, Numero Uno and all sorts of Mom & Pop joints. What happened?

                1. re: nrique

                  If you're willing to accept OC as part of Los Angeles, Pepperoni's is exactly what you're looking for. There are a few, I think -- ours is on State College and South in Anaheim.