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Beard Papa

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Has anyone tried it? I work and live right by two of them? I was wondering how it is? Have you tried the green tea lattes?

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  1. I haven't tried the drinks. But I have tried the pasty. They are quite good. The pastry has a good crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. I had only the regular cream (I think they have other flavors). I guess the trick is that they fill them to order so they don't get soggy. One thing -- they do not keep well (definitely never refrigerate or they get totally soggy). So eat right away! :)

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      I agree with LNG, eat them fresh in the store - the warm, crispy outside and cool, creamy inside is fantastic!

    2. I've only eaten the creampuffs, and are they delicious! I think the vanilla and chocolate are best, but whod'a thunk the Japanese would be so into creampuffs? Live and learn.

      1. They are addictive. I like the original filling (vanilla) but the strawberry ones (when they have them) are delectable!

        1. I agree with the others the cream puffs are quite good but need to be eaten soon after purchase. Although I have not tried the green tea lattes, I can attest that the white hot chocolate is great.

          1. yeah these are crazy. I was apprehensive because of the chain/franchise model, but they are huge, deliciously smooth and creamy filling, and I found they last for at least a few hours (I've had them at a few differemt potlucks before) and never the worse for wear.

            1. i love beard papa's plain cream puffs so much that i could never bear to try the flavored ones. as others have mentioned, nice and crusty on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. also, the cream is sweet but not too sweet, and not too heavy, so you don't feel weighed down after you eat one. a perfect treat! i haven't tried the green tea lattes.

              1. They're actually OK if you buy them to go and eat them within a few hours -- but probably best if you don't refrigerate them. I love the Royal Milk Tea -- that's the special on Thursdays. It tastes exactly like sweet milk tea.