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Jun 25, 2007 10:50 AM

Cooking classes in Philadelphia- suggestions? :)

I am looking to buy a gift for my boyfriend. He loves to cook. I don't know his schedule so I don't want to buy for specific events/dates. It seems places like Whole Foods, Reading Terminal Market, even Walnut Hill Restaurant School are all like that. The only place I have found where you can pay for 6 classes which you can take whenever you want is JNS Culinary Institute. Has anyone heard of that? Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

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  1. Look into Viking Culinary Center in Bryn Mawr.

    1. A friend told me she has taken cooking classes at a restaurant called Penne in the Univ of Penn area. She is a great cook, and is someone I trust. I would assume all of the classes are on Italian food, since this is an Italian restaurant.

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        I don't know much about the classes, but the food at Penne is sub par, which worries me.

      2. In a slightly different vein, you can look into the tasting classes at Tria's tasting school. We did a beer and cheese tasting at Tria ages ago before the school opened, and found it really enjoyable and educational. Thank you.

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          I just did a seasonal cheese tasting last week. VERY expensive, but what an amazing teacher. I learned so much about what makes cheese seasonal. Not sure if it's worth $50 - but did you know most cheeses, especially from Europe are not vegetarian?

        2. I have taken several cooking classes at Savona. It's outside of Philly, but still close -- the website says it's in Gulph Mills, but it's more like Lower Merion. The class is taught by the awesome head chef. You watch and participate in preparing the meals, and then the meal is served to you in their wine celler with a wine accompaniment for each course (there are three). Although you have to select a date in advance, if you call a little more than a week ahead to reschedule, they are very flexible. It is $65/person and well worth it -- the food, atmosphere, and instruction are super!

          1. Check out The Restaurant School in West Philly. Their classes are led by the school's instructors, are hands on and are very affordable. For a real splurge try the 8-week courses.