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Jun 25, 2007 10:50 AM

Tokyo Pop UWS disaster

I have not posted on chowhound for awhile, but my experience at this place was so off the charts I just had to pipe in. I am from the UWS originally and live in MN now, came home for dad's bday, flew in on the redeye so wanted somewhere nearby for dinner the first night, craving sushi and have a 2yo daughter. My dad suggested Tokyo Pop but warned about the service. We got to sit outside so we were happy. There were 6 of us and we ordered apps and entrees including sushi and asked that they bring some white rice for the chow baby stat, which they did, +1 point. We then waited for 1 hour for our food. no joke, no exaggeration, ONE HOUR (-100 points). And after we had nagged many times and they kept saying things like "5 minutes" or "sorry about the miscommunication"(what miscommunication?) we finally got a few of the dishes. Some had not even been put in obviously as when we asked about them they had no idea what we were talking about. meanwhile chowbaby is a mess and when she gets her spring rolls she devours them and eats the sauce with a spoon. I asked them how much they were going to comp us and they seemed surprised at the question. We ended up with the meal being free, which was nice (+1 point), but still. As for the quality of the food, it tasted really good, but that may have been because I was starving and ready to gnaw off my own hand.
What have others experienced in terms of service there?

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  1. I too had a horrible experience there ...almost everything went wrong. But for us, this is the thing that set us over the edge....when you arrvive they give you chopped cabbage and some dipping sauce (like chips and salsa @ Mexican). When we ask for a bit more cabbage, we were informed it would be $3. This is after an extremely long wait for a so-so dinner. Haven't been back since.

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      wanna hear something funny about that cabbage? when they brought it to us after an hour and I asked what it was because I thought it was something they were bringing by accident instead of our order, they tried to pass it off as something they were giving us for free by way of apology for the long wait.

    2. I live on the UWS and and like the food at Tokyo Pop. But after several similiar service disasters, I decided to stick to take-out from them. I pick the food up - and even then, I can wait 20-30 minutes for an order, even when I go before 6pm.
      A while back they hired a new manager who promised too rectify the service problems. I have eaten their since his arrival and found things were a bit better (at least our waiter knew what sushi was - I kid you not, we once had a waiter who, when I ordered sushi, asked me what it was), but still sub-par.
      Incidentally, the folks that own Tokyo Pop also own Cafe du Soleil across the street - another restaurant with truly awful service.

      1. I have ordered takeout from them, and really enjoyed it, without an issue. I will not be dining at the restaurant now, though!

        1. Ate there last night (Sunday 9/16). Good food, good service, no complaints. They put a sake on the bill we didn't have (we hate sake) but took it off and apologized. Chose it because we were leaving town to drive back to Md. and you can park in that neighborhood. It was fine.