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Jun 25, 2007 10:43 AM


I will be vacationing in Cambria next month, we will be going to Paso Robles for some wine tasting. But the holiday will be mostly R&R. I need some good suggestions for meals! Especially dinner spots. Cambia and surrounding areas. Please hep me Chowhounders!

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  1. Robin's in Cambria


    1. Dinner-Sow's Ear (East Village)

      Lunch-Moonstone Grill (Moonstone Beach) Sit outside for an ocean view and good people watching. Also, get sandwiches at the BBQ place (next to the gas station in West Village) and take them with wine to the state park across from Hearst Castle entrance. It is right on the beach with tables and a pier to walk out on.

      1. My favorite near Cambria is Hoppe's Bistro in Cayucos:
        In Morro Bay, Windows on the Water for a special dinner:
        For the trip up or back, in Orcutt near Santa Maria, open all day & terrific, Chef Rick's:

        1. For an evening's dining - Black Cat in Cambria. Great food and wonderful wine list. For good BBQ, Main Street Grill as mentioned earlier - grab something that sounds good there and take it over to Leffingwell landing (out on Moonstone) for a great casual lunch. If you have a hankering for BBQ and can wait for Friday afternoon, get BBQ from Linn's at the Farmer's Market (at the Vet's Hall parking lot). For fish tacos and bloody marys go sit outside at the Moonstone Grill. Food is OK but the real draw is the view and the people watching. THE locals place in Cambria is The Sea Chest, on Moonstone. They don't take reservations so the weekends can be kind of tough and there is usually a line up of 20+ waiting when they open at 5:30. Note - cash only, no credit cards. If you are going to be around during the week, go on a weekday nite like the locals do. If you are going to be in Paso - two excellent dinner spots are Artisian ( ) and Villa Creek. The only benefit of one over the other is that you can get Cris Cherry's wines (Villa Creek) at the restaurant and if you want a peaceful low key dinner, go to Artisian early for dinner as the 8:00 dining can get a little noisy. If you are down in the Cayucos/Morro Bay area, I add my seconds to Windows on the Water and Hoppe's - buy I'd add to that Papillon which is in Baywood Park (just on the southwest edge of Morro Bay). Have a great time!

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            I second Artisan (not "Artisian"), as well as Sow's Ear, SeaChest & Black Cat Bistro. Have a great time; we looove that whole area!

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              Amen to Main Street Grill (in West Cambria Village, next to the gas station as mentioned). Can't beat seeing your meat grilled from on the sidewalk. We had roast chicken and beef ribs. Drool, drool.

            2. I second-second Black Cat Bistro. Great scallops.