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Jun 25, 2007 10:24 AM

MILK: our first visit

Hi... Wife took me to MILK (on beverly blvd.) yesterday (mid-afternoon), which seemed to be a good time to go. Really, really good stuff, and here's what we sampled:

a) butterscotch-banana ice cream bar: wow, I could eat one of these daily! A thick crunchy coating of butterscotch and almond slivers, encasing intensely fragrant banana icre cream. Substantial and worth the $3.
b) mint-chip ice cream sandwich: again, a very thick wheel of mint-chip ice cream sanwiched between two flat, dense, (french)macron-like minty green cookies. The flat macron cookies were almost too sweet, but their density was perfect when navigating the minty coolness in between.
c & d) ooey-gooey cookie and brownie: both rich, impossibly moist, and iconic.
e) media noche sandwich: my first media noche ever, so I don't know if this version was representative of the genre. Excellent bread, pressed/grilled, but not as flat as I expected. Flavorsome roast pork, ham, melted cheese, aioli, and believe, arugula leaves. Nice large serving for about $8, with simple mixed salad. I'd eat it again, but I really want to sample their croque madame or nicoise salad next time.
-- Also, thier cakes and puddings look awesome. next time, we'll try the butterscotch pudding, the blue velvet cake, and the marshmallow tres leche cake, and the sorbets and custom milkshakes. Our rule is to not exceed $20 (or 5000 calories) per visit !

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  1. Laughing at your "...or 5000 calories..." So easy to do there!
    A few Saturdays ago, we indulged in one between us (plenty!) tres leches cake. It was extremely rich, like nothing I have experienced at Vallarta Market! The three different leches were really distinct. The "marshmallow" topping is pure whipped cream...very thick, and the liquid cream was generous. While I liked it a lot -- and could have tried anything from their case -- half was enough. I would like to explore some of their more savory offerings, as you did, and then contrast that -- either first or after -- with just a few bites of dessert.

    1. I love MILK and walk there as often as my waistline can handle. The banana ice cream and banana peanut milkshake are outstanding. The first thing I tried at MILK was the media noche sandwich (and was too full for dessert). While good, it's actually the worst one I can remember. That sandwich gets much better from there. When you see it, order it! :-) Cafe Atlantic (sister to Xiomara) made an outstanding, buttery version of that sandwich.

      1. My favorite item at Milk is actually one of their savory items, the bacon-cheddar scone.

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          The Bacon Cheddar is fabulous....oh boy, but if you knew what was in it and how bad it was for you...well, I just won't tell's soooo good.

          1. re: peanut112

            It's probably good policy in general not to even think about going to Milk unless you've already got an appointment with a treadmill.

            Actually, the sorbets can't be *that* bad, right? Right? (Sauce <-- kidding himself)

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              "...appointment with a treadmill" or cardiologist!

              I was really struck by how rich our tres leches cake was. I am used to the same at Vallarta Market, and the contrast really hit me. I can't really imagine having my own dessert, but splitting one is good, right?? Right, Sauce???

              1. re: liu

                For us (coming to MILK from the Valley), one good barrier to over-indulgence is the fact that so much of MILK's ice cream/sorbet/frozen treats and their cake/pudding items would not travel well or survive several hours in the car while we putter about on that side of the hill. So, we cannot really stock-up on the goodies unless we race them home, therefore we shall limit our dairy/sugar bacnhanal to what we can enjoy on the premises (though as you can see from my OP, we sure did an indecent amount of sampling on our first visit). Its at swell places like MILK that make me glad that I only have one pie-hole (to fill) on my face!

                1. re: silence9

                  I'm laughing! I just recently made the same observation. If I lived on the Westside amongst all these amazing places, I would need several gym memberships -- concurrently!

                  1. re: liu

                    Silence...I have the opposite problem...I'm walking distance...but as much as I eat there, I would need to walk to the Valley...and back.
                    I love the sinful nature of the coffee toffee ice cream sandwiches, not to mention the cookies...and some of the different fruit sorbets are wickedly good.

        2. My go-to item at MILK is a cookies-n-cream milkshake. Insanely good!

          1. Nice post. You have me wanting to try a butterscotch-banana ice cream bar: I hope they have one next time I stop in. Nevertheless, if they do not I am sure I will find sonething there that will carry-me-over. Ya, that Ooey-gooey double chocolate chip cookie with a big Vanilla or chocolate shake. I once tried the banana bread. It was not as moist as I would have liked it to be but it was good with their coffee. The Blue Velvet cake is very moist. I am waiting for cold weather so I can try out the Hot chocolate and that Hot Vanilla (Hot Vanilla sounds so good).

            7290 Beverly Boulevard (at Poinsettia)
            Los Angeles 90036
            (323) 939-6455
            Mon - Closed
            Sun, Tue – Thur 9 a.m.– 10 p.m.
            Fri-Sat 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.

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            1. re: JeetJet

              Hi... Yes, the butterscotch-banana ice cream bar is near perfect, to my taste. The butterscotch and slivered almond casing, while rich, is really supporting cast to the star of the show - the intense banana ice cream. I would only suggest one small change: swap out the slivered almonds for some rum-soaked golden raisens! And while they're at it, soak the wooden ice cream stick in rum as well. Mmm...

              1. re: silence9

                silence9 -- I think you're on to something great!
                I don't like the way frozen ice cream wooden sticks taste...what a delicious idea to soak them in "something" good!

                1. re: liu

                  Sounds good and I know it would work. I used to like those Hot Cinnamon flavored toothpicks – so many years ago. I picked up a pack of them at Galco's about a year ago.

                  Galco's Old World Grocery
                  5702 York Blvd.
                  Los Angeles, California, 90042
                  (323) 255-7115

                  1. re: JeetJet

                    Yes, I like them, too! And, of course, there are also mint toothpicks. All this just goes to prove that wood CAN taste good! Perhaps someone will pick up on the idea and flavor our popsicle sticks!