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Jun 25, 2007 10:10 AM

S.O.S. Taste of the Nation, who attended?

Does anybody remember what Jason Travi of Fraiche served? and what Neal Fraser served at his booth?



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  1. I attended! Neal Fraser served what I thought was the best dish I tasted yesterday: fantastic roasted lamb on top of some sort of mixed greens salad. I can't think right now what Fraiche had at their booth, but will post later if I remember. Other highlights for me were a vichysoisses with crab salad from Wilshire, chicken mole tacos from Loteria, pressed duck sandwhich from Tiara Cafe. Lowlights included tandoori salmon from Simon LA, four corn salad from Border Grill/Ciudad (apparently, one of the types of corn was unpopped popcorn kernals), and various permutations of sushi rolls from Asia de Cuba, K-zo, Katsuya. It was a really fun event and next year I'll have a better idea how to pace myself as I was stuffed after just the first row of restaurants.

    1. Just to provide more detail, Chef Fraser served CK lamb from Sonoma (spit roasted on-site over mesquite and white oak) with horseradish gremolata, on a warm chickpea and arugula salad.

      1. So is this event truly worth the ~$100? Sounds like a resounding yes? The listings looked amazing but I was worried I'd end up getting a Costco-eqsue mini sample for each available dish. Also does the price include drinks? Does each table have long lines?

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          Yes, I think it was worth it - plus it's a charity event. I have not attended many charity events where food is served, I feel a little guilty about eating wonderful food to help the hungry but as my SO pointed out, it's the long term efforts to fight hunger that is what events like this are striving to do and I feel like this one definitely gets an "A" for effort. Atmosphere was pleasant, everyone was so friendly, food was delicious and it's what to be expected (tapas style, finger foods, etc.) when it's not a formal sit-down event. And yes, drinks included (wine, coffee, beer, sparkling water, and soda were all available without running out).

          My favorites from the event: The rice balls from "Little Dom's" can't go wrong with fried rissotto balls and the lamb from Grace (it was grilling on the spit at the event) so tender! delicious!

          A little dissapointed with the corn muffins from NOE, don't know what that was about and the only other comment is the lack of public toilets that were available for the number of attendees and their location to the event. I'm going to try and send comments both positive and constructive to the organizing committee. Looking forward to next year's event!

        2. my girlfriend bought us tickets and overall i thought the food was better last year however its still a great event. i missed the raw oysters (from watergrill) and the blue crab handrolls from kiriko last year. i totally agree that the boring rolls from the various sushi establishments was a waste of space.

          im totally going off of memory here but i think one of the dishes that jason travi served was a braesola on some microgreens

          miho made a wonderful cream puff.
          i also got the dinner for two with wine pairing at il grano and some other things at the silent auction that im pretty psyched about..

          the next good food and wine event is the project by project one which is being hosted by lee anne wong from top chef...

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            Wow, I had seen pictures of you from maybe a South America trip you posted about on here and I'm almost positive that you and your girlfriend came into the event right behind my boyfriend and me. I wanted to say something, but felt like a chowhound stalker.

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              haha cool. say hello next time. i'll be at the project by project event too.

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                i think we'll go to that one as well. any infor on which restaurants will be there? can't find a list or anything on the website.

          2. The original comment has been removed