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Jun 25, 2007 10:09 AM

QUARTER new bar in Brooklyn

I heard there is a new bar called Quarter (opened last week) in Brooklyn at 20th St and 5th Ave. Does anyone know if they serve food? Has anyone been there yet? I will be visiting friends in Park Slope but was hoping to expand my explorations beyond the Slope a bit this visit.

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  1. I went to qarter when they opened 2 Friday's ago. Small place with maybe 10 seats at the bar and table seating for 25-30 if people packed in. Drinks are ambitious for a neighborhood bar meaning they are trying to use only fresh juices as well as employing fresh herbs in their drinks. There is a small garden but it is bare bones because they have not finished it yet. The owners told me they will be serving pies (savory not sweet) from D.U.B. Pies in the near future but I would call before going over there to eat to see whether they have them in stock yet. Nice place and the owners were really nice, I just wish it was closer to me.

    1. where exactly is this? i walked by that area last night and didn't see anything. thanks.

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        It is on the southwest corner of 20th St. and 5th Ave, one storefront south of the corner. I think they are closed Monday nights, something about the owner-bartender having another job.

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          I visited Quarter this past weekend and was very impressed. The drinks are expertly mixed and very original (try the cocktail with basil and the chili lime). There are daily drink specials and some great beers on tap. A welcome addition to the neighborhood, I plan on being a regular!

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            agree - the basil drink was very good, very fresh tasting. owners are very nice, seem to know their stuff. I live a few blocks away and hadn't noticed it for the first few weeks - they don't have a sign and have a metal gate down during the day, so it is easy to miss. they had an opening BBQ this weekend, but I missed it.

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          676 fifth Avenue. I've been driving past this place for weeks but haven't found the excuse to drop in yet. Thanks for the info.

        3. Just wanted to give this a bump. Quarter is such a gem of a bar. You will not find drinks that good, made with that much care, anywhere in the city -- at least not at that price. The beers are great, and the patio is totally gorgeous, too.

          1. According to, they are now BYOM (bring yo own meat) as they have a grill outside that you can use.

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              the byom is interesting, to say the least.

            2. Quarter is so amazing. I love their cocktails, especially the chili lime. They're all amazing though. Jukebox is great too.

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                Yes, and their prices are great given the sorts of drinks they make. I went to Clover Club recently, which had great drinks and snacks but is quite a bit more expensive than Quarter.