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Jun 25, 2007 09:50 AM

Long Branch, NJ/Monmouth County

Heading down next week for and extended stay and will be BBQ'ing extensively. Does anyone have any meat/butcher suggestions? How about a quality fishmonger? I'm familiar with Wegmans and Whole Foods but perhaps someone can point me to some high quality specialty stores. Any advice is appreciated....

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  1. Foodtown Red Bank,Rt35(broad st),custom meat counter,ask for Rick or Scott.....................

    1. Wegman's and Red Bank Foodtown are good all-around choices.

      I am not a seafood eater but others tell me Little Silver Seafood, Klein's in Belmar, Navesink Fishery in Middletown and Bayshore Fishery in Fair Haven are good.

      Sadly, the butcher around the corner from me passed away recently so I've been going to Wegman's, Foodtown and Ceriello's in Long Branch. There is also Monmouth Meats in Red Bank and more gourmet-ish is Rumson Market but I havent tried those places.

      Hopefully, others will reply with their favorites or correct my recs. I am not familiar with gourmet shops, sorry.

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        Try Jody's fish market on Route 35 in Neptune

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          Was that Andy's, Tom? Wondered what happened there, I hadn't realized that he had passed away. Too bad.

          1. re: Deb Van D

            Yes. He had a nice write up in the Press a couple of years ago.

        2. Sabatos in Belford has very good sausage. They make their own fresh Italian sausage (hot or sweet) and breakfast links. Their smoked kielbasa is made by Pulaskis from Sabatos own recipe.
          I find their meats to be very good quality. I don't think they have specialty items on hand, but they are an old-fashioned butcher and will order what you need and cut it how you want. Ground beef is ground while you wait, in an ancient grinder.
          Very friendly service. A real neighborhood place.

          Sabatos Prime Meats
          (732) 787-9119
          113 Leonardville Rd
          Belford, NJ 07718


          1. I get most of my meat at BJs....great price/quality.

            1. Monmouth Meats in red bank has the best meat around. They carry prime and will custom cut anything for you. They are also on the web