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Jun 25, 2007 09:42 AM

Crab Louis?

I have some nice avocados and just bought some lump crabmeat. Does anyone have a good Crab Louis (or simimlar) recipe? I think that would make for a nice, refreshing dinner during this very hot week.


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  1. I just chop iceberg lettuce to make a "bed". Add a large mound of crab, surround it with quartered hard boiled eggs and avocado slices. The Louie dressing I use is a combination of mayo, catsup and chili sauce. I mix and taste until I get it right, then drizzle it over the salad and finish with a good squirt of fresh lemon juice.

    BTW, if you can't get fresh crab, the lump crab in a can at Costo (Philips) is very good.