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Jun 25, 2007 09:02 AM

Late Night Fine Dining?

Hello fellow Chowhounders. I'll be flying into LAX on a Friday night and will arrive just after 10 pm. What are my options for fine dining around 11 pm there? Am I left with Denny's at that time of night?

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  1. Where is your final destination for the evening? Pacific Dining Car (in Santa Monica and also Downtown) is open 24 hours, and I keep meaning to stop in at 3am to see if the sommelier is still there.

    Unfortunately, the El Segundo / Westchester area doesn't have much in the way of fine dining at all, let alone late night fine dining. Hopefully your evening takes you into another part of town that can accomodate you.

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      Sauce Supreme, thanks for the quick response. I'm somewhat familiar with LA dining, but had not heard of the Pacific Dining Car. Their web site makes it sounds interesting. I notice that the Wine Spectator comment on the web site mentions the sommelier but not anything about the quality of the wine list. Being from Dallas, I am peculiar about my steaks and the wine to go with them. But I'd give them a try. I'm just laying over in LA until a flight the next afternoon, so Santa Monica wouldn't be a bad place to stay. Also, I was planning on going to Mozza for lunch the next day. That should be a good start to a vacation, don't you think?