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Jun 25, 2007 08:47 AM

Chiara Westwood Saturday night

We explored this restaurant for the first time and were glad that we did.

The oysters we enjoyed for starters were freshly shucked and very good.

My MIL and I had the scallops, and DH had the hanger steak with frites. All were around the $28 dollar range, and it was agreed that the quality was better than we had encountered in the region recently.

Both DH and MIL commented on the quality of the after dinner coffee.

The shared dessert seems to be the way to go.

It is not inexpensive, but I hopes this helps.

Our waiter was exceptional.

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  1. Has anyone else eaten here recently? We're going this weekend. Would love to hear some not-to-be-missed dishes if you can recommend.

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      It's me again. MIL lives in the area.

      The corn soup was outstanding. Fresh, crip and the essence of reduction. I would have the vegetable soup anytime, and more often if I lived nearby.

      The younger diner had been informed that this board found the gnocchi a bit watery. It is a favorite of his and, after a bit of agonizing, he chose it over the onion soup. He loved it. His commment was that the top gnocchi was perfect, and the lower three were a bit soggy but broth-infused, making it memorable.

      DH had the onion soup. It was delicious.

      The younger one swooned over the skirt steak and frites.

      I had scallops again. The menu mentioned bacon, and it was served in heaps. Normally a good thing, but as a shellfish/vegitarian person I would leave that out the next time.

      Parking is free. Soups are in the $8.00 range and entrees around $26.00.

      They set a nice standard.