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Union Square Restaurant Recs

Hey guys...I was wondering if you could help me out. I'll be at the Hilton in Union Square in a couple of weeks taking my g/f for her bday.

Can you recommend a nice cozy romantic restaurant. Maybe in the $50-75/person price range.

I heard good things about Ponzu, Scala & Kuleto...I would like to stay close to Union Square but willing to go further for a really recommended restaurant.

Oh by the way I have search for "union square" but many of the post are outdated and alot of the links are no longer working.

Thanks a bunch!


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    1. Go to Myth...relatively close to Union Square - snag a booth if you can...


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      1. Go to Myth over Scala's for sure. But, if you want something on Union Square, Scala's is very nie. Ask for a booth there, as well. Again, Myth > Scala's. From what I understand it isn't even close. But Scala's is still a very good restaurant and it is on Union Square (and Myth is impossible to get in to). So...

        1. I really love the food at Canteen but I'm not certain I'd describe the atmosphere as romantic. Definitely cozy.

          1. A little below your price range, but Cafe Claude is a cozy and romantic. Try the coq au vin.

            1. You can definitely walk to Myth from Union Square and the food there is much better than the 3 places right near the Square. Of those 3, I would choose Scala. But I would choose Myth above all of them by a mile. I would also suggest checking out Ame, which is also walkable from your hotel. The restaurant in the Four Seasons (I think it is Seasons or something like that, but I've forgotten the name) is also worth checking out. Aziza is not close to your hotel, certainly not walkable but very cab-able and it is a fun choice. Enjoy your stay!

              1. For cozy and romantic I really like Le Colonial. It's just a few blocks from Union Square. www.lecolonialsf.com

                Also, Belden Place is a cozy street that has restaurants with outdoor seating. It can be very romantic there on a nice evening. www.belden-place.com

                1. Farallon a possibility too- upstairs can be cozy

                  1. I did a similar weekend with my wife a while back. We had dinner at Plouf on Belden Place. It was nice, sat outside, euro-style, romantic. The food was good, reasonably priced, nothing that will knock you socks off.
                    PS My wife had a spa thing during the day, so I got to go to Lefty O'Doul's for some hof brau, a beer and some football. Lefty's is just classic SF.