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Jun 25, 2007 08:29 AM

Union Square Restaurant Recs

Hey guys...I was wondering if you could help me out. I'll be at the Hilton in Union Square in a couple of weeks taking my g/f for her bday.

Can you recommend a nice cozy romantic restaurant. Maybe in the $50-75/person price range.

I heard good things about Ponzu, Scala & Kuleto...I would like to stay close to Union Square but willing to go further for a really recommended restaurant.

Oh by the way I have search for "union square" but many of the post are outdated and alot of the links are no longer working.

Thanks a bunch!


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    1. Go to Myth...relatively close to Union Square - snag a booth if you can...

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      1. Go to Myth over Scala's for sure. But, if you want something on Union Square, Scala's is very nie. Ask for a booth there, as well. Again, Myth > Scala's. From what I understand it isn't even close. But Scala's is still a very good restaurant and it is on Union Square (and Myth is impossible to get in to). So...

        1. I really love the food at Canteen but I'm not certain I'd describe the atmosphere as romantic. Definitely cozy.

          1. A little below your price range, but Cafe Claude is a cozy and romantic. Try the coq au vin.