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Jun 25, 2007 08:23 AM

new Pikesville restaurant at The Quarry

Has anyone heard what the new restaurants are going to be at The Quarry overlooking the Lake. I have heard everything from various steakhouses to the Cheescake Factory, We really need some decent restaurants in this neighborhood.

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  1. I heard and Italian and a Mexican restaurant though I'm not sure if they'll be chains or what. Drove through it the other night, Starbucks and the bank were open, The Fresh Market looks like its coming along, there was a Maggie Moo's sign and a Walgreens, nothing else even had a name.

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      there will be a California Tortilla and a Carmines's and maybe even a higher end restaruant, a steakhouse maybe.

    2. supposed to be 2 white table cloth steak house ( probably Ruth Chris' or Mortons) and one Italian. They are not releasing names until they have signed leases.