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Jun 25, 2007 08:13 AM

Hwy 94: Minneapolis to (almost) Fargo

My family and I are flying from Atlanta to Minneapolis on Sunday and will drive to Walcott, North Dakota (between Barnesville and Kindred) on Highway 94. Any suggestions for places to stop for a late lunch or dinner along the way? Open to any kind of suggestions so long as it is worth the stop. Bonus points if it is either particularly unique to the area or very good even though it isn't.

I heard there is a good place for pie along the way but can't remember where. Maybe Fergus Falls?

Thank you.

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  1. Charlie's Cafe is "Easy off, easy on" and within sight of I94 in Freeport, MN:
    There are billboards advertising it, so you can't miss it.
    You didn't say when your flight arrives but this is just over 100 miles from the airport, so it's less than two hours drive, assuming you are leaving the city before afternoon rush hour.

    I wouldn't call Charlies outstanding foodwise; it's decent midwestern small town cafe food. You could do worse, but probably not any better along this stretch of interstate. What makes Charlies fun, especially if you come from out of state, is that it claims to be the model for Lake Wobegon's Chatterbox Cafe on Prairie Home Companion.

    Sauk Centre is 15 miles past Freeport. Sinclair Lewis was from here and the town of Gopher Prairie in his novel _Main Street_ was supposedly based on Sauk Centre. The Palmer House is the notable place, but if I ever ate there it has been too long for me to remember the chow, so i can't speak to that.

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      Charlie's was always a stop on the way to grandma's - it's true, it's not great, but it's sort of one of those places that you should stop at.

      In Fergus Falls, there is a place called Mable Murphy's I believe? I'm not sure if that is the place that has this good peach pie. It's the 3rd FF exit, I believe.

      As for Fargo eating, I am a fan of Santa Lucia (it's greek) and it's near West Acres mall. There is also Juano's, which is decent Mexican food (and better than Mexican Village or Paradiso). There are also some good sandwich/soup shops along Broadway Avenue right at the Red River crossing in Moorhead/going into Fargo.

      Kroll's Diner is popular also in Fargo as a family main stay.

      By the way, Walcott ND- wondering if your family knows Jean and Larry Moe. Walcott, ND has good farm families!

      1. re: snoboardbabe77

        We weren't able to stop at any of the places suggested and didn 't get in to Fargo this trip. I will make sure to try Charlie's next time I am visiting my wife's family. We did, however, have quite a bit of Lefsa from Freddy's.

        My wife's grandmother knows Jean and Larry Moe quite well. Her name is Cordy Farsdale and she was amused by the way the connection was made.

        1. re: bananna slug

          Thanks for reporting back anyway. I always hate when recommendations are left dangling out there! I'll be slowly exploring this part of MN myself next week as I ride the MSTRAM bike ride.