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Jun 25, 2007 07:59 AM

Mandalay -- Quick Report

I stopped by Mandalay in Silver Spring for lunch on Sunday -- mostly to compare it to Myannmar in Falls Church whilch I absolutely loved. I had the tea leaf salad and the pork with pickled mango. I thoough the tea leaf salad was tasty, but lacked the tang and real punch of flavor that I so enjoyed at Myannmar. The sauce on the pork dish was amazing. I ordered it spicy and it had just the right amount of heat and sweetness. Unfortunately, the pork itself was overcooked, leaving me to shovel down the sauce with the rice and leave most of the pork cubes. Verdcit: tasty, but a distant decond to Myannmar

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  1. I've also found the mango pork dry and overcooked. It used to be quite moist and juicy. I can only conclude that they've stopped using tougher, jucier cuts of pork (shoulder) and started using a leaner pork cut, like maybe loin. Which is a shame because it's my favorite dish. And you're absolutely right about the sauce. Mandalay is about the best place to get the spiciness just right. Order it mild, medium, spicy, very spicy, and that's exactly what you get. They're almost never off.