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Jun 25, 2007 06:31 AM

Best key lime pie in Manhattan or Queens?

Hi. My bf loves key lime pie. Where is the best one served in Manhattan or Queens? (In Queens, would greatly prefer Forest Hills, LIC or Woodside/Sunnyside areas).

Thanks so much - hope everyone will have a great work week.

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  1. strangely enough, i really enjoyed my slice at houston's on 3rd ave a few weeks back during a business lunch.

    otherwise, my standard is steve's key lime pies from red hook. they serve them at waterfront ale house in murray hill...but i prefer the one in brooklyn on atlantic ave better.

    1. The best is Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie. There's a shop in Red Hook, but I think the pies are sold in some grocery stores in Bklyn and the city (maybe even Queens). I'd check their website.

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        I'd go to the website and find the places that sell it. Because the experience at the store in Red Hook is far too often marred by the owner's nasty disposition.

      2. Not exactly a pie, but Ciao Bella (there is a location in Grand Central in the food court) sometimes has key lime gelatto with graham cracker crumbles in it. It is delicious!!

        1. virgils has very good key lime pie

          1. The key lime pie at Billy's Bakery (9th & 22nd) is terrific.

            If you are a fan of Steve's Key Lime Pie, you can find it at Good Fork on Van Brunt St. in Red Hook.