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Where's the cheapest place to buy fresh herbs?

I'm making a huge batch of a recipe which calls for many bunches of parsely, cilantro and chives. Where is Manhattan would have best prices?

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    1. I would say the "farmers" market on 9th Ave near Port Authority. They would have parsley and cilantro, but I'm not sure about chives. Prices there rival the outer boroughs.

      1. the fruit/veg place @ chelsea mkt

        1. You shouldn't have a problem getting any of those herbs at most supermarkets in NYC--Italian Flat-Leaf Parsely (which is what you want, the curly stuff has no flavour) and fresh Cilantro are usually available at even the most local Met supermarkets or Associated, among other places, .79-.99 a bunch, and chives are pretty readily available for not much more. Not really worth the train fare or gas and parking to go on a journey to someplace else.

          Be sure to rinse the parsely and cilantro in 2 or 3 changes of ice-cold water to remove the sand before you pick and chop the leaves...

          1. manhattan fruit exchange in chelsea market as said above and also any of the open markets in chinatown (there are several around grand and bowery/chrystie) are super cheap.

            1. Fairway is the least expensive / most plentiful by far for all of these (except that I don't know about pricing for chives). The one I go to is on the UWS.

              In case you're a basil fiend like me, they also have giant bunches of basil as big as your head for something between $1 and $2. I forget whether it's $1.50 or $1.99, but it's not a lot, considering the quantity, either way.

              Manhattan Fruit Exchange has great prices for veggies, oftentimes, but not so much for herbs in my experience. DISCLAIMER: Last I went was a month ago. I haven't been to MFE in the peak of summer, so maybe prices go down and quantities / variety of offerings improve.

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                As a bit of a digression, in a way, the great abundance of shopping choices in Manhattan almost make it difficult to decide where to shop, at least for me. For example, went to WF this weekend to stock up on bottled water and some other of their products that we like, but also did the marketing for the weekend. The boxes of herbs are 2.49 a piece - about a dollar more than Citarella. Picked them up anyway, then had to go to Citarella b/c the fish at WF looked lousy, they had no yellow tomatoes etc. The extra I paid for the herbs probably cancelled out the reduced price of the water as compared to San Pelligrino elsewhere!

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                  >>The extra I paid for the herbs probably cancelled out the reduced price of the water as compared to San Pelligrino elsewhere!

                  I know, but it's fun to think you're saving money. =) I don't save any money taking the subway down to Manhattan Fruit Exchange, either, but I can often trick myself into feeling very pleased with my budget shopping savvy.

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                    Not to mention the Eli's stops I insist upon after two other stores don't have what I need in stock!

              2. Westside Market has fresh parsley and cilantro (and I think they stock chives) at very reasonable prices.

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                  You know, that Westside Market is not a bad alternative to Fairway at all. I am always surprised by the reasonabley wide slection of cheeses in that store. Also, it is not such a madhouse on weekends like Fairway. I must pay closer attention to their herb prices as I asked this very same question not too long ago.

                2. Essex market. Most bunches of herbs are a dollar.