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Jun 25, 2007 12:57 AM

SEATTLE: Japanese tapas/good Japanese food?

vancouver bc has hapa izakaya and guu... what about seattle? any suggestions on good Japanese tapas in seattle or just good Japanese food (not necessarily sushi..)

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  1. Seattle izakaya scene can't compare to Vancouver's, but...
    Maekawa in Seattle is good.
    Kiku Sushi in Redmond is very good - Buta Kaku Ni and Hamachi Kama are outstanding.

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      I went to Maekawa yesterday and it was good. Funky, good selection of izakaya dishes and best of all pretty cheap drinks. I had a fresh lemon shochu drink that was very good.

    2. Definately second Maekawa Bar. Toyota Sushi also has good Japanese food beyond their sushi.

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        In the international district, Maneki's non-sushi fare is quite good, and it offers a convivial atmosphere in what is often said to be a century old. Ginza in Bellevue has a huge white board of appetizers/small plates; I haven't tried any of them but many sounded quite good, and they cook up some of the best ramen in the area. Very near there is Kaede Kissa, which reportedly offers bar snacks and soul food. . I haven't been there yet.

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          Went to maekawa the other day because of the posts here and enjoyed it, especially the seared mackeral. Having said that, I prefer Maneki, though it can be much harder to get into at night.

      2. Umi Sake House - Izakaya dining & fantastic sushi & an extensive Sake selection.

        Great atmosphere too.

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          Even more extensive sake selection at Sake Nomi (Pioneer square, on Washington between 1st and Alaska ), which is combination sake-tasting bar and sake retail outlet. Not much food to speak of yet, though, other than some bar snacks.

          1. Since moving to Portland from Seattle a while back, one of the places I am most homesick for is Nishino, in Madison Park. I think they are amazing, though for service I would recommend sitting at the sushi bar.

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              We had great sushi and other Japanese fare at Toyoda. The black cod was extremely fresh. The mackerel nigiri was, too. The vegetable tempura was the most oil free version I've had.