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Jun 24, 2007 11:24 PM

Melons/Mangos/Rainier Cherries - or other gourment fruit gift?

I would like to send spectacular melons as a gift. Packaging isn't important but the quality of the product is. I googled for a while but came up empty handed.

If not melons, perhaps exceptional mangos or cherries? I have ordered Harry and David pears (liked them but out of season) and Frog Hollow Peaches (great, but she is not fond of peaches) before with good results, but I'm told she prefers "sweet" fruits to "sweet-tart" stone fruits. Maybe white peaches are okay.

The recipient is in LA and considering the warm weather and shipping, closer the better...

Many thanks!

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  1. Well, you could try to see if Gelson's or Bristol Farms would put together and deliver a fruit basket.

    I'm surprised HArry and David doesn't have a basket to match your needs. I would check the website again.

    Sharri's Berries has nice strawberries, but they are chocolate covered. They ship for heat. But if your friend doesn't like it, not a good idea.

    There are a few stores in LA that just put together gift baskets. Google " Cutsom Gift Baskets, Los Angeles" and see what you get.

    1. There is a company called Edible Arrangements that does fruit bouquets. The quality is fairly good, though I would not call them gourmet, but they really do make very good gifts. I have been giving them as gifts to people and have always received very good responses.

      Edible Arrangements has locations all over the country, including a number throughout Los Angeles. I tend to use the one in Westwood.

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        Edible Arrangements is fine, but the quality goes downhill fast -- it barely lasts through the day -- and it's all cut fruit in whimsical arrangements.

        To the OP -- I take it you're not in LA yourself? If you are, I'd suggest going to any farmers' market and picking the fruit yourself, then having it sent over (a courier service can do this for you reasonably cheaply). If you're not, I suggest calling Bristol Farms or a Whole Foods and be very specific about your wants.

        Actually, if price is no object and you want absolutely the best anywhere, I'll bet you could convince Chino Ranch (which is in northern San Diego County) to ship whatever you'd like, assuming they grow it... this is the preferred produce farm for Chez Panisse.