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Jun 24, 2007 10:26 PM

Highly regarded Baltimore Restaurants?

I was hoping to find some respectable restaurants in Baltimore that a cook looking for work may want to check out. I'm looking for something mediterranean that is up to NYC standards. Thanks for anyone's help/advice.

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  1. Ex New-Yorker here, yet I'm vague on what you mean by NYC standards. Are those similar to San Francisco standards? Chicago Charlie Trotter/Alinea standards? Regardless, I'd check out the Wolf/Foreman empire: Charleston, Pazo, Petit Louis.

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      let's put it this way. ex-new yorker here.. a national survey was done by gourmet?? (maybe) or another food publication. if you had only 1 review to choose from what would it be? the resounding answer amongst the chefs were nytimes.

    2. Tio Pepe is Spanish - fabulous - Kali's Court/Mezze are two restaurants next door to each other - one is more formal - serves alot of fish - the other is tapas. Other top restaurants in Baltimore are Prime Rib (Meat/fish), Charleston. Ixia is more of a fusion restaurant.

      1. You might want to try the following:
        Kali's Court/Mezze - The exec left a couple of weeks ago and the sous stepped up so they have some openings.
        VIN - They are pretty well staffed but the chef is always looking for good talent
        The Charleston Group, no matter what you hear, is the top independent group here and Chef and Tony will always look at someone with a strong background.

        By the end of the year, there will be a major opening at the Ritz Carlton residences with a restaurant that will certainly be "up to NYC standards".

        1. You might want to take the light rail to the Woodberry station, get off an head to the Clipper Mill project (across the street) and find yourself at Artifact Coffee. Then, ask for Chef Spike and speak to him about his upcoming project: Woodberry Kitchen.

          They're in the middle of construction but from what I've been hearing, it should be something very exciting.

          1. are you referring to ny times 2, 3 or 4 star standards? avant garde or more main stream i.e avoce, esca or picholine??

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              2 or 3 star restaurants, nothing too stuffy or avant garde. Mainly a place with a well respected chef that is doing good things.....humble chef, great food I guess. I know that could be vague, but I just wanted to see some restaurant responses that I could figure out for myself what they're like. Thanks for your help so far, guys.

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                Give Pierpoints a look, Chef Nancy L has very good reputation..

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                  if you don't mind commuting to d.c, KOMI is solid as well as any one of JOSE ANDRES restaurant. zatinya comes to mind for modern medit. tapas. if d.c is out of the ques. then good luck in your job search.