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Jun 24, 2007 09:52 PM

chinese friends disappointed w/mei long village

i took some of my chinese american friends to mei long village. all of them grew up in SGV, but none of them have been to mei long, much less heard of it. they found the food to be overpriced and inferior to some of their other favorite places (none of which are really discussed on this board).

i, on the other hand, was quite pleased with the food. we ordered a good variety of dishes for 8 people, including XLB. there were a lot of non-chinese diners while we were there (sunday afternoon). i lived in china for a year and i must admit that i find san gabriel chinese food to be leagues better than most of what i had in china!

i'll have to get a list of my friends' favorite places and report back. :) when i was trying to give them directions to the restaurant, i said, "it's on valley, between new and del mar", and they just laughed at me. hehe. yeah, that area is seriously saturated with restaurants!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Most of my Cantonese American friends and relatives don't like Shanghai style food. There's some element of parochialism in that, though it's a one way street, i.e., non-Cantonese Chinese typically do like Hong Kong/Cantonese food. That could have been part of the problem.

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        our group was comprised of taiwanese, hong kong, and northern chinese people...pretty diverse! :)

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          You might want to ask them if they actually like Shanghai cuisine. Many Chinese folks don't know much about other types of Chinese cuisines. Indeed, many of my Chinese co-workers and friends (from China and Taiwan) actually ask me about what they should order in a Cantonese restaurant for dinner or dim sum. They can read the Chinese characters but have no idea on what the food tastes like.

          1. re: raytamsgv

            Yeah, I think that's right.

            To say "Chinese" is just too broad.

      2. Having grown up in LA eating Chinese food all the time, I've always thought Chinese food was kinda boring, aside from a few things I love (Peking Duck, live boiled prawns with that dipping sauce, et al.)...until two months ago, when I went to Shanghai. Everything I had there, including Cantonese food, was IMHO a million times better than anything I've had in LA. Except for durian. That stuff is gross no matter where I get it. ;-)

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          The best durian I've ever had was fresh durian in Tokyo. Having had it many times here, I can say with certainty that fresh durian (durian here is shipped frozen, I believe) is DELICIOUS, and does not have ANY of the rancid smell that I've come to expect. It was so sweet and so delicious that I actually crave it from time to time. I now know why it is such a delicacy, for sure! Then again, fruit in Japan is delicious in general!

        2. "..some of their other favorite places (none of which are really discussed on this board)."

          so which shanghai-style chinese restaurants do they prefer?

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            "..i'll have to get a list of my friends' favorite places and report back."

          2. I tried to like MLV, I really did. Twice. Two years apart between visits. Each time I came away thinking, why is this place so popular with Chowhounders? I just don't get it. Their famed XLB just had that awful leathery skin, and tasted "off" to me both then as well as now. It tasted funky, like they used old meat. The other dishes that I had, while pretty good, won't threaten newer, better places like Green Village.

            Two disappointing visits is enough for me. I conclude that Mei Long Village is one of the most overrated establishments on Chowhound.

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            1. re: WBGuy

              I am in agreement with you. Myself and a fellow chowhounder were there for lunch yesterday as well, and this being our second time there - neither of us were jumping for joy at the meal we ate. The first time we dined there the xlb seemed much fresher and "soupier", yesterday they seemed much fishier and barely contained any soup. We ordered the pork pump which got such acclaim on this site and while it was good and moist - it was lacking a lot of flavor. The eggplant in hot garlic sauce was barely spicy at all and I have certainly had better elsewhere. I don't get the hype personally, but I'm starting to feel that way about 90% of the restaurants highly lauded on this board. *shrug*