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Jun 24, 2007 09:08 PM

Good Indian Food In Hong Kong?


Can anyone recommend a good upscale Indian restaurant in Hong Kong (including Kowloon)? Thanks!

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  1. i am not sure how "upscale" you are looking for, but i had a very enjoyable meal at gunga din's last night on wyndham street. the service is friendly and the food quite good. we ordered chicken tikka, lamb skewers, some veggie thing, rice and aloo paratha. total per person was about $160, we didn't have any drinks.

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      wow--great--thank you! We actually ended up going to a place in Kowloon: Gaylord restaurant...
      It was really good, if a little oily. Only Indian people besides us though, so always a good sign. Thanks for your response--I'll add it to my list of places to try.

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      1. if u really looking for good indian food then try everest club in tst . block d 3 floor

        1. yes , i can recommend an indian restaurant in kowloon in t s t . the restataurant name is EVEREST CLUB in block d , 3/f , chungking mansion. 36-44 nathan road , t s t , kowloon , hong kong . tel , 23162718

          1. Have to agree with ciao eater,had a fantastic Indian feast at Gaylords in Hong Kong.As good as any top Indian in london.