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Jun 24, 2007 09:03 PM

Whats a gentleman have to do?

I am looking for the classiest restaurants around town (Los Angeles) that offer live singing while dining. Cost is not an issue. In particular, I envision a romantic dinner with possibly a piano player and a single female voice in the background. Any other suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks and I look forward to your responses. D.

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  1. Several good places have live music but the vocals are the tricky part. Depending who is performing on a given night, Vibrato up on Beverly Glen might do the trick. I also know Cafe Del Rey had a pianist in the bar area but do not recall if s/he also sings. The Foundry on Melrose offers live music 5 nights a week (again not sure about vocals) but the romantic area there is the patio and you can't really hear the music outside. I hesitate to mention Catalina Bar & Grill because, while the entertainment is often wonderful, the food is so poor and I do not find it very romantic.

    1. Well, the Dresden Room is interesting.

      Also, Spazio in Sherman Oaks has live jazz

      There are a few Italian Places in the Valley that serenade you, but I think they are male.

      Sushi 4 on 6 has a jazz band one night a week, I forget which. It's in Encino.

      1. The Ritz-Carlton Huntington in Pasadena has good to stellar jazz in the bar/lounge on Sat. evenings. You could have dinner in the main dining room -excellent food!! and very nice, quiet,... then head to the lounge for dessert and afterdinner drinks while listening to Janiva Magness when she appears there (, and no, I'm not her agent just a new fan). Parkway Grill has David on the piano in the bar area -the "romance" factor? - well,..only if you get a table up off the main floor along the edge of the room where it's not so loud... but the food is good and the bar is comfortable and fun.

        1. You could always dine at Miceli's and have one of the umpteen "discover me PLEASE" people singing -- but I suspect that's not what you want.

          1. the beaurivage in malibu, although the food can be hit or miss

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              I second Vibrato, but I also have a soft spot in my heart for The Baked Potato.

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                gosh, Baked Potato...if going that route, then also the Money Tree in Toluca Lake or Smoke House in Burbank...Money Tree usually has a female singer on Fridays,...the atmosphere at both is more dark and sultry than romantic. The food at both IMO is nothing spectacular -not bad, but nothing to write home about (search board for other Smoke House recs),...the drinks/music are good. Baked Potato spuds,... tasty and they definitely fill the void to the point that I found myself wanting to nap during the first set. I used to get one with just salsa that was not too much of an anchor. Not sure if it would meet the OPs def. of romantic but always had a good time and memorable dates there!