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Jun 24, 2007 09:03 PM

Los Sombreros atmosphere

I have a business dinner coming up and was considering Los Sombreros in Scottsdale, Wanted to know how casual the dining is. I would like something semi - formal. My clients don't eat seafood and we don't want to drive too far into N. Scottsdale as we come from Mesa. Thanks for your time.

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  1. It's definitely on the casual side -- many of the tables are high-tops and frankly not very comfortable; the place is not designed for lingering. Good food, but ... if you want swanky Mex, the best in the valley is La Hacienda at the Scottsdale Fairmont/Princess resort.

    Non-Mex? Many, many options in the area you're inquiring about, just check out all the related threads -- not too far from Mesa and closes than N. Scottdale, semi-formal (?) (oxymoron in AZ) House of Tricks (Tempe), T. Cook's (Phx/Scottsdale border), Roaring Fork (central Scottsdale, plenty of non-seafood options).

    1. I agree with the previous poster, very casual. I go semi-often, usually in T-shirt, shorts, sandals (meaning, whatever I already have on). The patio consists of metal patio tables, inside is quite small, consisting of several of the above mentioned high-tops, and other wooden tables. The atmosphere and service is very informal, albeit fun. For a business meeting, if looking for southwestern food, I would second La Hacienda. I've been a couple of times and have always really enjoyed it. Great food, and definitely more formal (probably more the level you're looking for, what you might expect at a Scottsdale resort), although it might be too far north for you.

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        just to caution you, La Hacienda, while considered semi-formal, may break the bank if you are footing the bill. It's very expensive, especially for mexican, a cuisine known for its inexpensiveness.

      2. I think Roaring Fork would be worth looking into, and more appropriate for a business dinner. My company has done a few things there (in one case with 40+ people), and everything is handled very well. It has enough of an upscale feel without being at all stuffy or formal.