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Jun 24, 2007 08:09 PM

Paris-- 9th -- need a last-minute recommendation

We're arriving in Paris this Saturday afternoon and need a recommendation for dinner that evening, preferably in the 9th, where we're staying. Thinking bistro, good neighborhood feel, and a place where we stand a chance to grab a reservation only 5 days in advance (or better yet, could go sans booking). Thanks!

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  1. One of the best meals I've ever had was at a place called Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince). It was very reasonably priced and recommended by a native Parisian. You've got to go! It was in the 12th (I think), the St. Germaine district. I sent a friend there and she said it was the best meal she had during her entire European vacation.

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      St. Germaine is in the 6th arr.. It is on the left bank and the 9th is on the right. You might mean Le Petit Prince, which is on rue Monsieur le Prince in St. Germaine.

      In the 9th and its area I would recommend Les Diables au Thyme at 35, rue Bergere,
      01 47 70 77 09 . Although closed on Saturday Casa Olympe in the 9th has wonderful food. It is located at 48, rue Saint Georges, 0142 85 26 01.

      Over in the ritzy 8th arr. I suggest the wonderful restaurant Dominique Bouchet at 11, rue Teilhard 01 45 61 09 The chef worked under Joel Robuchon and in the kitchens at the Crillon. Everything I ate there was terrific and well thought out , prepared and plated. It is on the expensive side but worth it. There is a degustation for around 90 euros. The cellar is very good and the sommelier superb.

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        terrific-- many thanks-- will look into those two in the 9th. other thoughts?

      2. The 9th is a very exciting place in terms of good, middle-range restaurants. It has one of the best wine lists, in an Italian restaurant, I Golosi. It has Wally le saharien, best couscous in town, wow. It has It has Casa Olympe already mentioned, simple and tasty. It has Chez Jean, who might even have a star now. Velly, next door, also very good. Rose Bakery, rue des Martyrs, for exceptional sunday brunches. It is facing Delmontel, just won this year's price for best baguette in Paris. Seurre, down the street, does the best croissants aux amandes ever. In the rue Saulnier is a restaurant which is also a gallery and has a specialty of abats, does very good sweetbreads. Borderline is Chez Michel, in the tenth (a classic of the bistronomic, another one in the Constant connection). Le Petit Riche a very Parisian brasserie, open late, tasty. In the rue Pétrelle is a another very good, very personal and Parisian small restaurant -- le Pétrelle. Rue Milton, le Relais du Beaujolais is hyper classic and a restaurant right out of the French province of the 60s.

        Maybe I should move there, after all?

        Anyway, those are all great places, I haven't checked about the opening times, ratings, etc, but Michelin is here for you too.

        Did I mention it is a good neighborhood?

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          Chez Jean has dropped the Chez and is just Jean now. It indeed did receive a star last year. It is beautifully run by Frederic (former waiter at Taillevant) and his wife who was assistant to M. Vrnat at the same establishment.

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            So it is chez Jean now and not Chez Jean anymore? Damn it!

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              I love the 9th and stay in an apt. there frequently. One of our favs that hasn't been mentioned is Carte Blanche on rue Lamartine. Another good spot is Fontaine Fiacre right across the street from the fore mentioned Relais de Beaujolais, as well as Velly, Auberge du Clou and Charlain.