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Jun 24, 2007 07:49 PM

Best Take-Out Sushi?

Does anybody know of good take-out sushi that doesn't cost an arm and a leg in the West Hollywood/Hollywood area? Thanks!

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  1. sushi, by it's nature usually doesn't travel well.
    also, good sushi fish, costs an arm and a leg even when purchased wholesale.

    that said,
    i believe that hide will accomodate take out orders, and to my mind, still is the best 'budget' sushi around.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      i don't know about your area, but nijiya market (on sawtelle) is pretty good.

    2. if you are near a Bristol Farms or Wild Oats, they actually have a good sushi case. I prefer Wild Oats and if the chef is there, you can request some specials. Wild Oats also makes it with white or brown rice.

      1. Yoshi's Sushi in West Hollywood on SMB. Some of the best value sushi I've had in LA.

        1. Our best results for takeout sushi have come from

          1) Hide Sushi on Sawtelle (not really in your requested geographical area, and definitely call ahead to make your order, or you will wait a lonnnnng time and they might even tell you they're too busy)

          2) Koreatown Galleria Market (closer to you; obviously, it's Korean style, but has been quite good when we've tried it; and maybe the Korean style, with chili sauce, chunks of garlic, and other strong flavor agents on the side, is not a bad idea when talking about take-out sushi?)

          3(a) Nijiya on Sawtelle, where the sushi has been significantly better than that at

          3(b) Mitsuwa on Centinela, but not great in either case

          IMHO, Bristol's sushi (which we will buy in a pinch) is severely overpriced and overall so-so except for the marinated squid, which is generally excellent. On a couple of occasions Bristol's sushi and tamago has gone bad suspiciously fast, so I would be careful about freshness..

          . We won't even consider Whole Foods or Gelsons (and especially not, God forbid, Trader Joe's) which are simply not up to snuff taste-wise or freshness-wise.

          There are some chains around town that encourage takeout, notably Asakuma, but we have not had good results from them.

          1. I work near hollywood and always go to Noshi Sushi, which is pretty much a clone of Hide Sushi (though they're not related). both are no-frills places, cash only, with large clientele to ensure turnover and freshness.
            no americanized sushi, though they do make spicy tuna and spicy scallop cut rolls, as well as tempura handrolls.