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Jun 24, 2007 07:08 PM

main line lunch

Could anyone recommend a place for a weekday lunch in the Bryn Mawr vicinity? Preferably a place that serves drinks and on or near Lancaster Ave. so this PhillyHound doesn't get lost. Thanks.

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  1. If you like sushi, Samurai is pretty good and right on Route 30. I'm not sure if they serve drinks, though. Gallifty's is another option. Pretty standard bar/grill fare, but good. Plus, they have really good starwberry pie (the crust is lined with chocolate).

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    1. re: EpicuriousOenopheliac

      Not for nothing... Gullifty's is awful! The only thing they have going for them is their beer selection. The service leaves alot to be desired (wrong orders brought out at different times to the same table) and the food is mediocre at best. Tango, which is at the Bryn Mawr train station, Carmine's, Blush, and Fuji Mountain are all places in Bryn Mawr that serve lunch and drinks. I've been to all, except for Fuji Mt., and they're decent places.

      1. re: cjc519

        I would suggest either Blush or Tango in Bryn Mawr -- both right off Lancaster Avenue.
        A bit farther down the road (another 5 minutes) in Radnor are both Cassis Cafe or 333 Belrose -- both right off Lancaster Avenue.

      2. re: EpicuriousOenopheliac

        I don't mind a Gullifty's salad once in a blue moon, but the strawberry pie was a nauseating mix of sweet cream cheese, frozen strawberries and sugary sauce. The beer selection on the other hand is excellent for the main line.

      3. A little further West but a wonderful place for lunch is Nectar in Berwyn (it Is on Route 30)
        You can order ala carte or they have lunch specials.
        A little pricey, but very good food and service.
        I second the "why would anyone eat at Gullifty's?"

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          I third the "why would anyone eat at Gullifty's?"
          In Suburban Square in Ardmore, a 2 minute walk off of Lancaster Avenue is the fashionable "Plate."

          1. re: idia

            Not a fan of the food (or service) at plate. It's too ambitious and expensive for what it is and the service lacks knowledge and training. But the atmosphere is very nice.

            1. re: saturninus

              I had a horrible meal and service at Plate when I first moved to PA & have never been back. How about Mediterranean Grill? I've never had lunch there (only dinner), but the lunch menu looked good.

              1. re: pamd

                That's the Greek place in the block west of the R5 station, right? If so, I've only eaten there once, but I thought it was very good, and quite reasonable. I'm pretty sure they serve.

                ITA with the above posts on Gullifty's (avoid), Tango and Fuji Mountain. (All serve, too.)

                I'm curious about whether anyone has eaten yet at the new New Orleans-style place - the former Marbles, just east of the movie theatre.

                1. re: Mawrter

                  Mediterranean Grill is Persian, and is very good but is a BYO. Carmine's is the new orleans place - heard it has slipped since it moved.

                  1. re: saturninus

                    Here is another vote for Mediterranean Grill.
                    It is really a neat place for lunch and right on Lancaster Avenue

                    1. re: idia

                      Okay, can you clarify, since I mixed it up with the Greek place? What block is Mediterranean Grill on? Oh, wait a minute! Is it the former Walter's Swiss Bakery? Is it on the north side of Lancaster Avenue, just a few doors to the east of the firehouse?

                      Looks like the Greek place I mentioned above is:
                      Lourdas Greek Taverna
                      (610) 520-0288.

                      And - where did Carmine's used to be? Thanks!

                      'Nother thought - Cafe Fresko. I've only eaten there once, but I thought the food was quite good. Sort of pan-Mediterranean and good service. I can't remember if they serve. It might have been an off night or an off time, but the place was deathly quiet. The prices seemed slightly high, but I really haven't eaten enough there to have a worthwhile opinion about whether they were costly-but-appropriate or just plain gouging.

                      Cafe Fresko
                      (610) 581-7070

                      Cafe Fresko
                      1003 W Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

                      Lourdas Greek Taverna
                      50 N Bryn Mawr Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

                      1. re: Mawrter

                        Carmine's used to be in Narberth & used to be good!

        2. my favorite Gullifty's story is from a hundred years ago... but we still tell it whenever we have a bad meal/horrible service, We were eating at Gullifty's and waiting for dessert... thew aiter would come to the table every five minutes with another (useless) report of how it was going:
          "They're plating it now"
          10 minutes later... "They're putting teh sauce on it now"
          10 minutes later... "They're getting the cake cut now.."
          At the time it was annoying; now it's our standard for bad service!