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Jun 24, 2007 06:57 PM

Anchorage Recommendations

Need recommendation for an early dinner in Anchorage. Downtown preferred. I've read about the Glacier Brew House; any opinions on the beer and the food would be greatly appreciated; but I'm certainly open to dining at whatever places seems the tastiest. Many thanks.

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    1. The BrewHouse is a perennial favorite and on my list of places I must go on my frequent travels to Anchorage. I've never had a bad meal but am partial to the Tahini Salad and the wood oven baked Bread Pudding.

      The Snow Goose is a great place to sit out on the deck and have a cocktail and their food is good too. Recommend Simon and Seaforts either for a meal (a little pricy) or cocktails and snacks in the bar. If you are in Anchorage in the off season, its a great place to watch the sunset. Rub elbows with the downtown work crowd at Humpys who also serves some excellent pub food. Club Paris serves the best steak in town. Marx Bros is also great

      Its Copper River Sockeye season so if you don't get fresh salmon much - do try it when you see it in the menu.