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Jun 24, 2007 06:57 PM

Vegan in Boulder

Anyone know any kosher and/or vegan (straight vegan, not just vegetarian) joints in boulder?

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  1. Vegan: Cafe Prasad in the Boulder Cooperative Market on Pearl and 19th Streets, Leaf Vegatarian Restaurant on 16th between Pearl and Spruce; Indian restaurants all accommodate vegans (or course) but also serve other foods. Watercrouse Foods (2 locations) in Denver is vegetarian/vegan. As far as I know, here are no kosher restaurants in Boulder -- and perhaps not even in Denver. There is a kosher deli on the eastside of Denver and I just read about a kosher coffee house opening there soon (

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      Sunflower Restaurant is worth a try, too -- you'd have to call ahead and check about whether they do kosher. I'll bet they accommodate vegans beautifully there.

    2. The OP is saking what's EXCLUSIVELY vegan, not just vegan-friendly. ( I already had this chat with them on the Kosher board).

      I was able to come up with VG Burgers, and that was surprisingly all. Not even Cafe Prasad.

      I'm glad this post was brought here, because I was indeed surprised that there's only one place in Boulder that's exclusively plant-based. Is VG Burgers really all?

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      1. re: cheesemonger

        Even in Boulder I am kind of surprised there is even one exclusively vegan restaurant. They must attract non-vegans. I don't think there is similiar one in Denver? There used to be Wholly Tomato (now out of business) which is the closest I can think of but I don't think they were vegan.

        Not to change the subject and get my post booted, the kosher I understand, but if your a vegan is it bad to eat in a non-vegan restaurant? And there is no connection between vegan and kosher right?

        1. re: ColoradoFun

          A reason someone kosher might be searching for vegan is because all vegetables and plants are kosher; if no dairy products and no animal, fish products etc are ever prepared in the kitchen or served, someone who is strictly kosher might be willing to eat in that restaurant.

        2. re: cheesemonger

          I am aware of what LoveKosherEats asked, but w/ no kosher restaurant that I know of (not even any nearby, it seems) and extremely limited vegan options, it might be an ultimate case of making the least unacceptable compromise or going really hungry. I don't know how long s/he will be in town. There was a short-lived vegan restaurant in downtown Boulder called the Karma Cafe. Even in Boulder, it didn't last, and its space is now occupied by a Philadelphia cheesesteak place. I forgot about VG Burgers and am glad you remember.

          1. re: ClaireWalter

            We'll be there for a week. We'll likely go to VG Burgers -- and get some ice cream -- but that's about all in terms of compromises. We won't go really hungry - we'll just brown bag it a lot sadly. And here we thought boulder would be accomodating. And Eatco was spot-on with the reasoning--that's precisely why I asked.

            1. re: LoveKosherEats

              Just as an aside, it might be worth calling the East Side Kosher Deli in Denver and see if they can accomodate you for your needs, should you really desire something fleyshick or want something Glatt Kosher, they have prepared meals and cater so could prepare for you. They are extrememly accomodating and have a great grocery store that is also Glatt Kosher. A nice little Fleshic restraraunt in the back as well. If you are going to have to "brown bag it" you might be able to find something worthwhile to pack I think. They might be able to deliver as well (but don't quote me on that, its of course up to them)(edited: please see below, they can send to Boulder).

              Boulder is about a 45 minute drive from Denver (and vice-versa) should you want to make the trek down here. There are several other Glatt Kosher Restaurants that are open here as well in Denver. We go with my Grandfather often, and the "Deli" (East Side Kosher Deli) really is the best of the Kosher options.

              The phone number for the East Side Kosher Deli is: 303-322-9862

              Their email address is: eskd1 [at]

              Also their website can be found at
              and it does say that they will deliver to Boulder... might be worth calling.

              1. re: aka_zoe

                thank you -- that's one of the big suggestions i've received, as is la toscana. but with regard to ESKD, i've heard mixed reviews (leaning to not so great) -- but I'll keep trying, and likely will stop by there as well.

                1. re: LoveKosherEats

                  I have a couple of things to say about La Toscana..... STAY AWAY. It is not very good, expensive, entrees are not served together and the service is way "off". My Great-Aunt went with her family and they actually left, and these are her words, "disappointed and disgusted".

                  East Side Kosher Deli, isn't bad. I don't keep Kosher but go once a week with my Grandfather who does. I am a fan of their fajitas and chicken strips. The roasted chicken is tasty. Stick with Pastrami not Corned Beef. The hamburgers are good and the buffalo burgers are actually great. The "asian" entrees, not so much, trust me. They also have a very diverse grocery so you can stock up for your trip back to Boulder.

                  I hope this helps!

                  Also, there is a Pizza shop on Holly and Ceder (not far from "the deli", that is what we call it) called Pete's Pizza (I think) that is also Glatt. I haven't been there but I know it exists and might be worth a go if you are in Denver. Here is their information:

                  Those are the only options in Denver that I know of that are still open.

                  1. re: aka_zoe

                    I was just looking through a book called "The Gyro's Journey" about affordable ethnic restaurants hereabouts. One caught my eye because I thought it might work for LoveKosherEats. "Without meat, fish, eggs garlic or onions, this northern Indian retreat pleases vegans, bargain hunters and anyone searching for a spiritual supper." The place is Gonvinda's Spiritual Food, located in a Hindu temple at 1400 Cherry Street. Haven't been there. Don't know anything about the quality of the food. Don't know whether they use ghee or cheese or yogurt (tho' the authors do write that it "pleases" vegans -- so maybe it would work). The website is given as Phone is 303-321-9052.

                  2. re: LoveKosherEats

                    We have eaten a number of times at la Toscana and found it pleasant and tasty. The service was fine. I am allergic to dairy products and they steered me successfully to non-dairy menu items which indeed did not make me sick. My family members enjoyed the dairy items and are happy to go back in future. The restaurant is brand new and needs the support of the community to succeed. They offer a service, since kosher is a captive niche market, and Denver needs multiple kosher dining options. Any problems will surely improve with practice, if we give them a chance to get busy, and give them courteous feedback and constructive suggestions whenever we visit.

                    1. re: SMK

                      If you want people to support this restaurant you might want to let people know where it is? Based on the title of the thread I would assume it is in Boulder, but then you mention Denver? What type of food? Also your review implies they have problems. I am not sure that is what you meant to say so you might want to clarify.