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Jun 24, 2007 06:32 PM

Cocotte: downhill..

Used to enjoy going to Cocotte. Friendly service, good neighborhood food (not "wow" but always reliably good). In the last few weeks, went once for dinner and today for brunch. The staff seems to have changed for the worse - many ppl waiting and many tables empty and uncleared. Several parties simply left as the host/manager didn't take names and couldn't keep track of who came when - quite a disaster.
The french toast, which was always great was flavorless today. It happens, but that coupled with horrible service (no water or bread for 15 minutes for one) made me sad that a friendly and consistent place is no longer either.

Never went there for a gourmet meal - but the folks there were always great - now they seem to be gone. Anyone know if they changed owners/management?

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  1. I had a very similar experience some months ago, and, while tempted to report it here, decided not to, hoping they were just having a bad morning. 5 of us were seated promptly for brunch, but waited close to a half hour for water and didn't get bread until we got our food, which came close to an hour later. In their defense, there were a few very large parties there, but the staff was really struggling: no one seemed to have a section for which they were responsible, resulting in a lot of confusion. I think they were also short-staffed, as the bus boy was waiting on us and a few other tables. In the 2 hours we were there (much of it spent waiting to order), many people lined up for tables and then left -- again, a similar situation to what you describe.

    The food was as tasty as ever, so I really hope they can work out some of these kinks.

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    1. Well, to get in on the brunch debate, we also went a few weeks back after not having been there (Cocotte) for awhile but having enjoyed in the past. They were out of the main items I was interested in (Fr. toast, etc..) -- OK fair enough. But the simplest things -- ordering a Bloody Mary and a side of fries, neither of which ever arrived -- were apparently too much! Then they charged us for the drink! (Took it off the bill when told, of course). That said the food we DID get to eat was quite good -- but the service issues bordered on the comical. Hoping our next dinner will be at least a few notches up in service.

    2. Actually, Cocotte is downhill from me .. I live up the hill in the Slope.
      I always thought it was a nice neighborhood joint, nothing more, nothing less. Went for dinner a few times and was satisfied. Don't do brunch - it's overrated no matter where one goes.