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Jun 24, 2007 05:52 PM

Tazza in Bridgeland

I went here for the first time a couple days ago. Having just moved to Brigeland/Renfrew a month ago, I am SO glad it is nearby. I had the chef/owner recommend a meal for me and I got a chicken shawarma with a small tabbouli salad and two baklava. It was something ridiculously inexpensive (note I didn't say "cheap" there is a difference to me) and to top it off, they had a great beverage cooler with my fave - Oranciata by Pellegrino! The sandwich was big, fresh and awesome! The salad was perfect - fresh and nice and cold, as it should be, and the baklavas were great. I sat out on the little patio. I was perfectly contented and I will be there at least once or twice a week I'm sure. Thanks to other CH's for the recommendation. I agree with you all the way.

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  1. Fingers, as a matter of interest where is Tazza in relation to say, La Dolce vita or Il Sogno?


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      It's just east of La Dolce vita or Il Sogno down 1st Ave - within walking distance.

      I actually just walked down from Renfrew the other day (about 1 10 - 15 minute walk) and I was pleased to see that there was a patio - I can't wait to drop by there tonight after work and try it out. Let's just hope it doesn't rain so I can sit outside.

        1. re: Hart50

          Corner of 1st Ave and 10 street. To echo what Jigga said.

    2. So I skipped out of work and went to have lunch today and totally enjoyed my experience at Tazza. The food was inexpensive, the service was really friendly, and my chicken shawarma (sp?) was fresh and flavorful. The only downside was that it was hailing so I had to sit inside. My husband enjoyed the food too - he had the same thing - but said that he likes the Pita Basket (downtown on 5th Ave and 7th St?) better because they have whole wheat pitas and better hot sauce. I think he's just set in his ways though ...