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Nov 21, 2005 10:52 PM

Euromix Delicatessen -- rworange? (long)

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I ran in to check out this new deli this evening. I had never noticed it before but the proprietors, both from Moscow, said that they had been open for 20 days.(There was a bit of a language barrier problem, so don't quote me on this one.) In any case it was quite busy at 6:30. They are open every night until 8:00 except Sundays. It appeared that I was the only one not speaking Russian. The wife(?) followed me around the store as I peppered her with questions. She was most knowledgeable about the Russian products, and offered her personal opinions. I was not familiar with many of the products. I suggest someone like rworange make a trip and give us a much more informed report than this one. Lots of German, Eastern European and Russian products labeled with the precise names to help out the uninitiated. A good German Christmas selection. Although some of the domestic goods were over-priced, every thing else seemed very reasonable and sometimes down right ridiculously cheap. Good selection of U. S. German wurst, bolognas etc. It was possible to buy small quantities of many items, perfect for trying new foods. As I result,our family had an impromtu cold dinner. It included a selection of Russian salamis, whitefish salad, Latvian black bread, Amros sweet whipped butter, canned plums with delicious russian style sour cream. The sour cream was worth a visit all on its own. I would love to hear what other Chowhounds think of this place.

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  1. Whoops. After all that I forgot the address. 4301 Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. Phone number is 510-595-3649.

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      Haven't been there yet, but this reminded me...does anyone know if the German item known as "obatzer" can be found here, or anywhere else?

      (It's a mix of Camembert, onion, and paprika that's really good with those huge Bavarian soft pretzels and beer.)

      Also, are there any other delis in the East Bay that carry German products besides this one and the Junket in El Cerrito?

      1. re: EuroGuy

        There's a European deli in the Nob Hill mall at Murrieta and Stanley in Livermore, that has a pretty good selection of meats, cheeses, and canned goods. They're not much on making me a sandwich, so I've never really explored.

        1. re: EuroGuy

          Delikateski in Concord (Monument Blvd). Mostly Polish products, but they do carry some German items. Very good selection of sausages, pierogis, all things sour and pickled, mustards, beer, etc.

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            Stopped by Euromix on the way home and asked if they had it. No. The woman I talked to is German and said it wasn't the type of thing that is sold in a deli and didn't know anyplace that sold it.

            However, she's really customer-oriented and said one of her relatives had a great recipe and she'd have it for me the next time I dropped by.

            I'll never remember, but if you are interested, stop by and ask Yuta if she has the recipe.

            Other than the places that were mentioned and Euromix, that's it as far as I know for German deli's in the East Bay. There's one in Redwood City.

            Since the owners of Euromix seem anxious to please and one of the owners is German, it might be a place to check out.


            1. re: rworange

              Oh well...thanks for checking!

            2. re: EuroGuy

              Yes, there is a German Deli in Fremont,CA
              Called Muenchner Haus. Small but decent selection as I recall. I was there about 1yr ago

              1. re: EuroGuy

                Yes, there is a German Deli in Fremont,CA
                Called Muenchner Haus. Small but decent selection as I recall. I was there about 1yr ago

                1. re: muenchnerkindl

                  I've been up and down Fremont Blvd and never noticed the place. Here's a picture from this link.


                  Trying to find the address, I came across this link of stores that sell German food in the Bay Area.



            3. That’s on their business card.

              Stopped by on my way home and it really does have an unusual assortment of merchandise, everything from Amy’s frozen organic items to eight jars of ginger products like ginger sauce, ginger with stems, minced ginger and a few other items.

              There are the usual cold cuts and meats like Schaller & Weber, Boback’s, etc. For my own interest, there are four types of Kielbasa, most of it from the East Coast. Cold cuts are encased in heavy plastic. There were frozen Russian dumplings.

              I didn’t check out the prices too closely as I was taken aback by the eclectic mix. There was Narsai David’s dill sauce, Italian grilled champignons (I bought these), French mustards, German Christmas stolen and stuff from it seemed from every country.

              It is not as extensive as Crossroads World Market in Palo Alto, but it has more Western European selection in some areas.

              They make sandwiches using the Eastern European cold cuts, but they were sold out by time I got there. Not a lot of bagged bread late in the day. A few loaves of Bavarian Bakery and some unidentified poppyseed bread.

              I lucked out and was helped by a woman by the name of Yuta who spoke perfect English and was of German ancestry. She said she and the other owners thought that the East Bay needed this type of store since it was such a hassle driving over the bridge into SF. Parking is pretty horrid but I lucked out and a place opened up in front of the new Afghan restaurant next door.

              Just re-reading your post, I’m sorry I didn’t buy the Russian sour cream. I did pick it up since I haven’t seen that brand before. It’s probably the cleanest and most organized store that carries Eastern European goods in the Bay Area.

              In a way, it reminded me of an East Bay version of Yum with the gourmet products. Lots of bagged beans and spices. There was a packaged of goulash spices.

              They had some of those interesting glass jars of Russian vegetables that I saw down in San Jose.

              As you mentioned, some of the prices are really low. The herring and the whitefish salad seemed extremely cheap (compared to Sauls). They buy it from some place on the Peninsula.

              The herring in sour cream was good, not as good as Saul’s, but at 1 / 2 the price. The herring in wine wasn’t as good as the jarred Acme version sold at Berkeley Bowl, but it was better than Saul’s and much, much cheaper.

              Did you like the whitefish salad? Don’t know much about this item. I bought some at Whole Foods a few years ago and got hooked on it. This was smoky, but more pureed in texture than I remember. Not bad.

              They have some Russian tea, Czar Nicholas II. Never tried this. The Russian candies are all neatly packed up in little bags and not in the usual bins.

              Oddly enough on my visit, half the customers were Asian and they were stocking up.

              Don’t really know what they are aiming at. It is a very neat modern looking store with nothing foreign feeling about it. It could have potential to be a store like Yum, as I mentioned.

              They have a website that they just took down. The owner seemed to like the Berkeley Bowl website and asked them to redesign it too look like that. So I put the link at the bottom for future use.

              Thanks for scouting this out and reporting back. I’ll be checking it out occasionally to see how things develop.

              More important, I finally found out where Piedmont is. So that’s where Baywolf, Fentons, Jojo, etc. etc. are located. Personally, I’m intrigued by Egbert Souse’s a bar named after a W.C. Fields character and filled with references to the movie. Not sure it’s funny or sad naming a bar for Fields who died an alcoholic. The place sounds eclectic where you can get pickled eggs as well as pot stickers.

              Euromix Deli
              (510) 595-3649
              4301 Piedmont Ave
              Oakland, CA 94611

              Hours – they are new. I’d call and check

              Mon-Sat: 10 am – 8 pm
              Sun: 10 am – 6 pm


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              1. re: rworange

                Oooh, I bought some cmetana once. Wish I could remember how I used that sour cream on steroids.


                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  They also had some quark, but it looked kind of generic.

                  Reading your old post, I will say that their smoked fish/herring looked good. I'm a little picky about this and most of the fish and herring I see at the Euro-Delis look scary. I never could work up the enthusiasm to try the smoked fish at the disco ball place in Walnut Creek. However, there were a few packages at Euromix that caught my eye and I wouldn't mind sampling.

                  They also carry my new favorite sardines - Madrigal spiced sardines.

                  These are large size sardines in spicy hot vegetable oil, a piece of bay leaf (I think) and three tiny peppers. The spices worked with the sardines rather than overpowering them.

                  Found them at all places - Kaliente. I'm on a little sardine kick lately. Post on General Board some day in the future. However, these are worth checking out. Don't need to go to Euromix though since they are available closer to me.

                2. re: rworange

                  Boy, there was more a language barrier that I thought. I swear they said they were from Moscow! Anyways, I too was struck by the eclectic nature of the store. Actually,it appeared down right random at times. A very personal selection. To answer your question regarding the whitefish spread. It was quite good, almost a puree, nothing added. Saul's takes the phrase "whitefish salad" way to literally, and adds a boatload of celery. I for one do not like to pay whitefish prices for chopped celery. The butter I bought was minimally marked. The brand name appears to be Kopobka. It's marked sweet whipped butter; 'whipped' as in all butter is whipped, not with additionally encoporated air. After Ingredients it say Cream. Period. Very pristine taste. The sour cream is intense- just like Melanie described. The label on the sour cream says "pasteurized soft ripened cheese". I guess really intense sour cream morphs into cheese. It is really good.

                  1. re: billibi

                    I think there are a couple of people who own the place. I know the lady you are talking about and she was chatting with some ladies in Russian who were memorized by the dairy selection. They snapped up the sour cream too. I'm just an idiot.

                    There was another lady there whose name was Isa (or is sounded like that). Her English was only ok. And I forgot where she said she was from A number of countries are represented.

                    1. re: billibi
                      mindy parker

                      Fabulous Store with unique style!

                      Parking might be an obstacle, but it definitely worth it. Right when I walked in, I felt at home. There is something about the store that made me feel very comfortable.

                      I've received a very informative tour by the store owner himself who spoke great English. Virtually unknown selection of European items made me particularly curious. By the time the tour was over a had my basket full of goodies including sour cream, pickled walnuts jam, Estonskaya sausage, Irish ham, Jewish salami, kvas-fermented barley drink, some other little things from Western and Eastern Europe. Sausages were fresh, flavorful, huge success with my teenage kids. I personally loved kvas. It is truly idiosyncratic store after all. Next time I'll try a whitefish salad, today just wasn't my fish day. I couldn't believe my eyes the entire purchase was under $45.00 dollars. Go see for yourself. P.S. Almost forgot, I tried poppy-seed roll only $1.59 Oh, heaven!