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Jun 24, 2007 04:42 PM

Providence Restaurant Week: Where would you go?

My ususal strategy for restaurant week is to go somewhere where the $30 charge is way lower than a usual dinner at the particular establishment, or somewhere I havn't been for a while. Steak houses fit into the high-price category, but I'm less than inspired...Gracie's? Camille's? (havn't been for 30 years....). Where would you go if you were going to choose one place?

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  1. I was underwhelmed by Gracie's when we went pre-theater, although I know some people rave about it. I thought L'epicureo was better. I liked New Rivers, although it has received some mixed reviews lately. How is Camille's I have never been?

    1. Hmm... wasn't totally blown away by the list of options. I'll probably shoot to visit Providence Oyster Bar and Local 121. Though, based on recent reviews, it seems like Local 121 can be normally had for not much more than the $30 price point...

      If Bacaro were on that list, I'd be all over it. I'm really looking forward to trying that one out.

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        Maybe New Rivers is worth trying again now that it is re-opening; I have gone for years and always liked it well enough. Bacaro may feel they are not "ready." Camille's was great years ago, but tastes have changed, so who knows... I've never been to L'epicureo, so maybe I should try. But I don't really want Italian...Fussy, I know.

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          Well, Italian restaurants do dominate in Providence. How about Waterman Grille--I heard it was quite expensive, and no where near as casual as promised in the promotional material. Also I have heard good things about XO, although I am not really a steak person. I have Bacaro on my list for my Birthday!

          1. re: bawc

            Thanks; Waterman Grille looks like a possibility/fits the bill. Have been to XO; it's fine, but I generally save the steak house outings for NY.

          2. re: janeer

            How about Chez Pascal? Wonderful french food.

        2. I have been hearing great things about Local 121.
          Siena would be another choice.

          Where is everyone else going???

          I had a great meal at XO recently. (and it wasn't steak- not sure what their rest. week menu is though)

          I do wish that more restaurants were on OPEN TABLE- then we could all be earning points to eat out more!

          I also did not enjoy a visit to Gracie's last year. I thought it was just a bit much and the food was good- but overall experience was not worth the money.

          I know a few people going to Waterman Grille for the rest week menu-

          Anyone been anywhere yet?

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          1. re: pcktbks

            I did go to the Waterman Grille for the Rest. Week menu. It was just okay. The first course and dessert were winners, but the entrees were average. The salmon was fishy and didn't have much flavor other than that. The steak was chewy, though flavorful. The service was very slow.

            I also went to the Capital Grille which was very good. Classic.

            1. re: Sap115

              I went to Waterman Grille two weeks ago for my Dad's birthday, and also found it sort of mixed. The small plates--we shared lobster fritters, calamari, and crab cakes--were excellent (the calamari surprisingly so---it was deep-fried and then covered in spicy tomato sauce, which made the batter a little soggy and not deep-fried crispy, but the squid itself was so tender and the whole thing was so tasty that it worked for us). Cocktails were also really good (and generously portioned), and creative in a good way--no fussy stuff that you wouldn't actually want to drink. The entrees were just OK though, nothing special, and not worth the price.
              I'm going to stick up for Gracie's--I went last summer for my bf's birthday, and we were in bliss for days, we just had a perfect experience from beginning to end. Maybe it's faltering a little bit, since so many people seem to have not enjoyed it lately. But I'd give it a shot during restaurant week.

          2. Check out the choices at far, that seems to be my fave (just going by what's on paper, not actually having dined). I was underwhelmed by a lot of them.

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            1. re: JaneRI

              I am going to 10 Prime Steak and Sushi, and they don't even have sushi as an option for restaurant week!!!

              1. re: Jenkins

                They did have the sushi on RW for lunch - i was there on Tues & it was excellent,

                Also highly recommend Mills tavern. we had a great RW dinner there last night!

                1. re: Trufflebaby

                  Which makes it even stranger that they don't have sushi for dinner.

            2. we went to capital grille for restaurant week.. it was excellent. the first course, i got the fried calamari whereas my friends got the clam chowder and the salad. for the 2nd course, we all got the steak.. it was an aged steak with a coffee rub on the outside. it was very delish! third course, we got creme brulee and flourless choc cake. i didn't like the choc cake but the creme brulee was very good