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Jun 24, 2007 04:31 PM

What do you cook to impress a new love interest?


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  1. Usually Italian....eggplant parm. or a nice lasagna. With lots of good red wine and something nice for dessert.

      1. It depends on the season. In the cold months, I make pasta, usually with spicy eggplant sauce. It's one of those dishes that makes people forget it's vegetarian.

        In warm weather, I prep make-your-own summer rolls. I love how intimate it is to share food and eat with your hands.

        Either way, I keep it simple and fairly light. You don't want your love interest to fall into a food coma. :)

        1. I was about to answer...when my wife walked in!

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            Oh, Sam [giggling]!

            There's something so sexy about pulling something warm out of the oven. Especially on a first date. It can be simple, something you have before you go out to dinner. Like a quick flatbread with rosemary and walnuts, or gougeres and a flute of Champagne. But you must pull it out of the oven while your new love is there for the full warm, aromatic, sensual effect. Stilettos and frilly apron optional.

          2. These days I cook to impress an old love interest, but I still remember the first meal I cooked for him when he was a new love, in my divey Village apartment - risotto. To start, I'd bought salmon roe (a lot of it - he loves it) and smoked salmon. No idea what kind of risotto I made - but he loved it.