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Cappuccino in the North End ?

Where is the best Cappuccino in the North End? Not looking for the cheapest but the one that will satisfy and keep you coming back. It wouldn't hurt to also have a nice meal at the same place but doesn't have to be. Thanks ahead of time !

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  1. Caffe Vittorio - good cappucino and great cake.


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      Ditto - great cappucino. Never had the cake though.

      They also have a nice selection of grappa and digestifs.

    2. Caffe Vittoria is also my favorite just on atmosphere, and the fact that you can get a post-dinner Fernet Branca there, but at the risk of heresy, I think the coffees, including the cappucino, are better at Boston Bean Stock on Salem St. They also serve sandwiches, but I've never eaten there.

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        I enjoy the cap at Vittoria. Actually, at home when I make caps, I keep two old fashioned salt and pepper shakers... one filled with Droste Cocoa mixed with a little turbinado sugar... and the other with cinnamon and sugar. Makes it all easy to top the caps. Soooo, I'm in Vittoria one day thought the chocolate on top was sweet. So i figure they must mix in a little surgar like I do. So I ask and say "gee, its sweet like Nestle's Quick" Well, the gal says, it should taste like Quick because it is Nestles' Quick. Somehow, I was deflated and my cap lost the magic. I would at least think one of the oldest cafes in town would spring for Ghiradelli or some facsimile thereof rather than Semi-fake chocolate.

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          Isn't there a few nice places on Hanover Street, just can't think of the names?

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            Cafe Paradiso, Dello Sport and Graffiti are all on Hanover.

      2. Add a vote for Cafe Graffiti, pretty much across from Vittoria on Hanover. I love the atmosphere - especially in the summer with the open windows in the front. They don't do food (some desserts), but do have a full bar.

        Beware that they do Italian coffee drinks. They will not be what you think of if you're used to West coast style coffee from the chains.

        1. I like Caffe dello Sport's as well as Vittoria's.

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            Another vote for Cafe Vittoria. Get a cappuccino and a piece of tiramisu.

          2. Agreed with many others -- Cafe Vittoria is the only place I'll get a capuccino.

            1. Oh what the heck, up with contrarianism...I'm partial to the cappuccino at Caffe Paradiso on the other side of Hanover St. I tend to prefer the darker espresso roast they use, and the steamed milk is usually a little heavier than Vittoria as well.

              Personally, I also prefer the atmosphere. It's a little darker, RAI is always on the TV, and tables are usually filled with the requisite old men drinking from tiny cups and speaking Italian with thick southern New England accents.

              I believe you can grab a post-prandial Fernet Branca there as well.

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                Caffe Paradiso is better particularly in the morning when Luis is working there. At other hours the coffee can vary, plus they don't remember how _every_ patron likes their coffee. Their food isn't that great, but if you are nice to the staff, they might let you bring in food from Umberto's particularly if you offer to pick up their order (only a few more days until Umberto's summer vacation). Most of their desserts are from bindi (whose apricot croissants that they serve in the morning are tasty) and they make some of the gelato.

                Graffiti is enjoyable for conversations, waiting for a dinner table, staring at the tourists, but their coffee isn't as good. Vittoria is most enjoyable for a night cap and later coffees. So I tend to do Paradiso morning or lunch time, graffiti afternoon or before dinner, vitoria at night.

                My overall favorite closed many years ago -- Caffe Roma....

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                  Thanks for all of your replies, my wife is from Germany and what you get there at a Cafe is most of the time better than anything you will find here, that is why I am looking for the best, especially with the Tiramisu and some fresh breads or something. I will try them all eventually and develop my own opinions but I am sure they all have thier little nitches in the market.

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                    If you're willing to venture outside the North End, you might want to check out Caffe Italia in Eastie. I love both their cappuccini and their homemade tiramisu.

                    Their dinner menu is also very good, straightforward southern Italian. I have yet to try their Neapolitan-style pizza, but it is rumored to be one of the better offerings in the city.

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                      Is there a T that goes in that direction ?

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                        Maverick station on the blue line and then walk up Meridian toward central sq. They used to have another location at Orient Heights, but it closed earlier this year.

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                        Nice call, finlero. Caffe Italia in Eastie has great cappucino and sweets! Just don't eat any of the pies - not homemade like the rest of their desserts.

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                          Have to agree that the espresso at Caffe Italia might be the best among Italian caffes in town. Great atmosphere, too.

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                      Paradiso is my go-to. The coffee is too roasty for my tastes. However, it's prepared nicely, like a ristretto with a thick crema. I'd definitely rather have an espresso at Simon's. But I really like the atmosphere at Paradiso, especially international sports on the televisions. Also it's nice to have good liquor options (grappa, Campari, etc.). And the guy who works there is awesome.