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Jun 24, 2007 04:23 PM

Cappuccino in the North End ?

Where is the best Cappuccino in the North End? Not looking for the cheapest but the one that will satisfy and keep you coming back. It wouldn't hurt to also have a nice meal at the same place but doesn't have to be. Thanks ahead of time !

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  1. Caffe Vittorio - good cappucino and great cake.


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    1. re: bostonmeg

      Ditto - great cappucino. Never had the cake though.

      They also have a nice selection of grappa and digestifs.

    2. Caffe Vittoria is also my favorite just on atmosphere, and the fact that you can get a post-dinner Fernet Branca there, but at the risk of heresy, I think the coffees, including the cappucino, are better at Boston Bean Stock on Salem St. They also serve sandwiches, but I've never eaten there.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I enjoy the cap at Vittoria. Actually, at home when I make caps, I keep two old fashioned salt and pepper shakers... one filled with Droste Cocoa mixed with a little turbinado sugar... and the other with cinnamon and sugar. Makes it all easy to top the caps. Soooo, I'm in Vittoria one day thought the chocolate on top was sweet. So i figure they must mix in a little surgar like I do. So I ask and say "gee, its sweet like Nestle's Quick" Well, the gal says, it should taste like Quick because it is Nestles' Quick. Somehow, I was deflated and my cap lost the magic. I would at least think one of the oldest cafes in town would spring for Ghiradelli or some facsimile thereof rather than Semi-fake chocolate.

        1. re: Buddernut

          Isn't there a few nice places on Hanover Street, just can't think of the names?

          1. re: Jimbosox04

            Cafe Paradiso, Dello Sport and Graffiti are all on Hanover.

      2. Add a vote for Cafe Graffiti, pretty much across from Vittoria on Hanover. I love the atmosphere - especially in the summer with the open windows in the front. They don't do food (some desserts), but do have a full bar.

        Beware that they do Italian coffee drinks. They will not be what you think of if you're used to West coast style coffee from the chains.

        1. I like Caffe dello Sport's as well as Vittoria's.

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          1. re: tatamagouche

            Another vote for Cafe Vittoria. Get a cappuccino and a piece of tiramisu.

          2. Agreed with many others -- Cafe Vittoria is the only place I'll get a capuccino.