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Jun 24, 2007 04:22 PM

Crab Fest 2007 at Hungry Cat (+pics)

Despite the immigration rally in Hollywood, I still made it over to Hungry Cat for Crab Fest. I think because of the slight downturn in customers (due to the hindrance of traffic), I was able to get a spot without reservations.

The prix-fixe menu included a really flavorful crab soup, a wonderfully meaty crab cake, and all you can eat boiled blue crabs as well as all the grilled corn and cornbread you want. Also included was a plum shortcake dessert.

My final tally - eight of them. I probably could have done more on a different day, but I always say that it's best to leave a party while you're still enjoying yourself. The crab were well seasoned and it was fun finding a few fatty crabs also.

I kept a running diary of the day plus took lots of pictures.

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  1. What was the tab? (And what camera do you use? It takes amazingly good food pics, not to say less of the photographer)

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    1. re: amandine

      I ordered two beers plus the prix-fixe menu, and then I sprung for a $20 souvenir T-shirt, pre-tip came to $90.

      I appreciate the compliment; the camera I used is the Canon Powershot SD550. In settings where there's lots of natural light, it works great; I only start seeing its limitations in low light situations. I've been thinking about springing for a Fuji Finepix which does great low light stuff but I can't justify the purchase when my existing camera seems to be doing just fine. Here are some photos I've uploaded to Chowhound (back when they had a working photo upload feature)

      Personally, I eschew from the standard "overhead" cam shot of a plate of food, as a photo is a square, a plate is a circle that's inside that square, and then the food is constructed within that circle. A lot of valuable photo real estate, then, gets dedicated to the table and the porcelain. That's why I go for the "food porn" shots instead.