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Jun 24, 2007 03:48 PM

Dim Sum in Mississauga

I'm going to be in Mississauga, around Hurontario, south of the 401 on Tuesday. Im looking for a recommendation for Dim sum. It doesn't have to be exactly around there, I am willing to drive a bit if it's good food at the end of the trip! I will need good directions tho, I'm not totally familiar with the area.

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  1. Emerald at Hurontrio+Eglinton is big and busy as hell at lunch with cart service.Further west on Eglinton is Sam Woo at Mavis in the No Frills corner mall--smaller usually kitchen service instead of carts.

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      Thanks for the info, I'll let you know what I choose. Does any one remember the Dim Sum place that was (I think!) at Dixie and Dundas? It was at the back of a mall that had a tiled wall down the side as you drove in. Is it still there, any ideas?

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        You're thinking of Happy Jade Seafood Chinese Restaurant. I was there a few Saturdays ago. The variety and quality of food is quite decent, given the price point (fairly cheap).

    2. I know this is a very old post, but I'd like to re-open it since I am now looking for a good, inexpensive dim sum restaurant in Mississauga besides Emerald.

      Any recommendations and/or reviews? Address too. Thanks!

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        Do a search. Several recent threads to check!

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          Went to this place over the weekend. Definitely less cramped than Emerald, and was just as good.

          Summit Garden Chinese Cuisine (富苑海鮮酒家)
          3015 Winston Churchill Blvd Unit 108 Mississauga (Winston Churchill & Dundas)

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            Whenever my family and I are in Mississauga, we always go to Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant that is located in the Mississauga Chinese Center. The restaurant serves dim sum cart-style so you can pick and choose exactly what you are ordering. The dim sum has always been fantastic and for a decent price as well. The place is huge, and has very high ceilings. Great place for wedding receptions or if you want to do a banquet style dinner for a special occasion.

            Sun Sun
            888 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4Y, CA

            1. re: mochi_mochi

              Sun Sun ain't what it used to be. True, they have carts, and they serve many traditional dim sum favourites, but the food quality is simply not very good any more. I don't know if they changed owners at some point, but it wouldn't surprise me. I went for dim sum there a couple of weeks ago, and the overall quality of the food was mediocre, at best. Some of the dishes were actually quite bad. The bickering cart ladies were quite entertaining, though (it helped that I had someone with me that could translate!).

              1. re: redearth

                Agree. I never enjoyed the food or ambiance and considered it downmarket from other places around Mississauga--Happy Jade, for one, was always miles better than this pit. Parking is a nightmare and the mall is malodorous in warm weather.

          2. I recommend Summit and Jade Garden at Dixie and Dundas for cart service. Perfect Kitchen just west of Winston Churchill just north of Dundas is very good but has menu service. I also recommend Sun Sun - has gone downhill a bit but still has a better selection than most.