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Jun 24, 2007 03:34 PM

Petaluma/Sonoma - place for group luncheon

Looking for recommendations on a fun spot - maybe with a nice view? - but mostly for great food and service - Italian, Cal/Med, America.

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  1. Here are the responses to your original topic which gave more information that would be likely to get a better match.

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    The difference between a group and a group of 50 are vast ... especially if parking is a big requirement.

    1. Della Fattoria on Petaluma Blvd Call ahead to you can reserve a table.
      Fodd there is really great and if you have room get a cup cake or a peanutbutter cookie!!!

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      1. re: Iheartgoats

        The OP in another post is looking for a place for 50 people ... and parking for 25 cards. Della Frattoria wouldn't be able to accomodate that I don't think. Is there a back dining room?

        1. re: rworange

          Chinatown Restaurant has an upstairs dining area that can accomodate a large luncheon. Really nice atmosphere, low noise and well prepared food. The place looks TINY on the outside but is actually very large. It is on 157 Kentucky across from Copperfields. Parking structure to accomodate 25 cars (it is free) is around the block across from the Pheonix Cafe.
          No view and not in your food category but can take on a large crowd.
          Would Dempsey's have a room large enough?