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Jun 24, 2007 03:28 PM

When The Only Place Open Is Waffle House

Imagine, if you will, that you have been driving day and night to meet family in a strange city. You goot a late lunch, so you figure there's no need to stop again to get dinner. After all, the place you are going -- it's a college town. There will be something open somewhere. The problem -- a major traffic jam just a few miles from your destination gets you to your Howard Johnson's just a few minutes before midnight.

Your hungry. Your football playing nephew is hungry. Your wife is starving. And the only option. Waffle House!

(To non-southerners -- Waffle House is an icon of the southeast, famed mostly for its dated jukeboxes, its utter ubiquity in Georgia, and its 24-hour a day service.)

Well, if you have a refined sensibility -- or your idea of breakfast is some fresh fruit from the local farmer's stand, and some fluffy biscuits -- this could be a bit of a high carb nightmare. After all, what are the options -- waffles, eggs, bacon, steaks, or half-hearted attempts at lunch foods?

Well, actually, the answer is to order the waffle house's second most favorite dish -- hash browns. And order them "all the way". What comes out is a potato based casserole, with chilie, cheese, jalepenos, peppers, and various and sundry other stuff. And it tastes pretty good. It's filling enough on its own (it even satisfied the football playng teen) and has enough flavor to satisfy the slumming chowhounder.

But, as my wife says, "It's only the sort of thing you want to do once a year."

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  1. Their pecan waffles are pretty darn good. But yes, to maintain health and weight, it is a once a year indulgence.

    1. yeah, and eggs, asteak,and a waffle to go with it!

      1. "to maintain health and weight"

        Screw that! You could die in a terrorist attack later today. I say get them hash browns double covered by golly!

        1. I love waffle house! It reminds me of roadtrips to florida and south carolina.

          1. I guess I have an unrefined sensibility because sometimes nothing hits the spot like a patty melt and hashbrowns smothered and peppered.